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Lorna Bean

Lorna Bean

Lorna Bean is well-known by many people as she is the daughter of Sean bean who has played in movies as well as in TV series. He is well known for Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings, GoldenEye, Troy, and National treasure.

Lorna Bean was the daughter of Sean bean and his ex-wife. Sean bean is a professional actor. Lorna Bean is the eldest daughter of Sean Bean.

Name Lorna Bean
Birthday October 1987
Age 32
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 5 inches
Parents Sean Bean, Abigail Cruttenden
Siblings Molly Bean, Lorna Bean, Merle Fraser

10 Facts of Lorna Bean 

  1. Lorna bean was born in October 1997 but her month of birth is unknown.
  2. Lorna Bean has got two siblings who were grown up with her they are Molly Bean and Evie Natasha Bean. Loara Bean and Molly Bean are the daughter of Sean Bean and his ex-wife wheres Evie Natasha bean is the daughter of his present wife.
  3. Talking about her Net worth we are unknown about her net worth as wells as her salary.
  4. Lorna Bean is the daughter of a professional and popular actor Sean Bean (father) and Abigail Cruttenden (mother)
  5. Wanna know about her marital life? She is married in London, her husband lives there but his husband’s name is not revealed.
  6. Lorna Bean nationality is not mentioned, we are even told about his ethnicity. His father is popular but her mother’s ethnicity or other information about her mother is not mentioned.
  7. Lorna Bean looks really pretty in photos as well as in her physic, she is loved by many people.
  8. Lorna Bean is  5ft 5 inches tall girl. She seems to have good height but her body weight and other body measurements are not revealed.
  9. We don’t know where Lorna Bean completed her schooling, where she did her high school, and where she graduated from. But these questions are under Research.
  10. Lorna Bean is active on Instagram, Twitter as well as in different social sites with lots of followers in it.

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