Louis De Zoysa Nationality School & Parents: Sergeant Matt Ratana Killer

Who Is Sergeant Matt Ratana Shooter Louis De Zoysa? His Nationality And Family Background

Who Is Sergeant Matt Ratana Shooter Louis De Zoysa? His Nationality And Family Background

What is Louis De Zoysa nationality? He belongs to British nationality. Learn more about his parents and school.

Louis was a suspect in the murder of Sergeant Matt Ratana in September 2020. 

Recently, he has charged with murder by custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. 

Previously, he was also charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition. 

Louis De Zoysa Nationality And Ethnicity

Louis De Zoysa has British nationality. 

He was born in a Sri Lankan family living in the UK.

His father is from Sri Lanka, while his mother is a British national. 

He used to live with his family in Norbury, South London.

Louis acquires double descent, Sri Lankan and British. 

His ethnicity is mixed.

Meet His Parents And Family

Talking about the parents, Louis De Zoysa’s father’s name is Channa.

He is a former yoga instructor and bicycle repairer. He is a Sri Lankan. 

His mother, Elizabeth, is a licensed translator. 

She is from the UK. He has four other siblings. 

He used to live in Norbury, South London, with his family. 

His Religion

Along with his family, Louis used to follow Roman Catholicism. 

They are usually known as a church-going family, who are super strict.

His School

Louis had attended John Fisher School in Purley, South London.

He was there from 2008 to 2015. 

He was considered a brilliant student in his school days. 

BBC had revealed his school’s yearbook. There he was mentioned as a ‘god of weapon’ by his friend.

His friends stated him to be talent in math. They also stated him to be an admirer of ISIS.

Moreover, he was also alleged accessing the dark web through his laptop in school. 

He had joined University for engineering but left after one year.

The Shooting Case

According to The Guardian, Louis De Zoysa is charged with the murder of a Croydon police officer Sergeant Matt Ratana in September 2020. 

He was handcuff and was being taken to custody by police.

He had fired when his hidden gun was about to be found. 

After firing at the police officer, he had injured himself.

His attempt is regarded as a terrorist attack. 

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