Love by Accident Movie Cast

Love by Accident Movie Cast – Getenesh Berhe, Laika Lalonde, Where Is The Movie Filmed

Love by Accident Movie Cast – Getenesh Berhe, Laika Lalonde, Where Is The Movie Filmed

Love By Accident movie is the newest film that is going to be released on UPtv on August 2, 2020, at 7 PM. This Canadian Romance movie directed by Justin G. Dyck is based on a Harlequin romance novel. Here is everything you need to know about this latest movie Love by Accident, including its Cast, Plot, and where is it filmed.

Love By Accident Trailer

If you have not yet watched the official trailer of this upcoming rom-com movie, “Love By Accident”. here you go.

Love By Accident Plot

The movie follows a girl  Daphne who is on a road trip with her godmother to spread her Godfather’s ashes. But they get into an unexpected accident and are forced to make an unplanned stop.

Daphne wants to keep Fran off the road, so she asks the mechanic, Matthew, to act as her fake boyfriend in front of Fran. But, not everything goes as planned and soon their fake relationship turns into a real romance while they drive on the picturesque routes.

Where is the movie Love By Accident filmed?

As I said earlier, the romance between Daphne and Matthew gets sweeter with the beautiful sceneries and routes. So, speaking about the picturesque landscape, you must wonder where the movie is filmed. Although there is not much information about the exact locations where the movie is set, it seems that the majority of the film was set on the countrysides of Canada.

Some of the scenic beauty that is shown in the movie seems like the filming locations were in and around Vancouver in the western province of British Columbia. Such scenic beauty and diversity in landscapes in British Columbia is a perfect location for a romantic movie within a budget.

Love By Accident Movie Cast

There are several renowned casts in Love By Accident movies like Laika Lalonde, Getenesh Berhe, Lanette Ware, Henderson Wade, Conrad Coates, and many more. But the major casts around whom the story revolves are Getenesh, Henderson, and Lanette.

Getenesh Berhe as Daphne

The lead role in this movie Daphne is played by Getenesh Berhe. She is a Canadian actress widely known for her movies like “Cinema of Sleep”, Borderland-I walked a far Piece”, and “Upshot”. 

She has completed her educational training from NYU at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and the Hemispheric Institute. Besides movies, she has also acted on Television series like “Running with Violet”, “Private Eyes”, “Kim’s Convenience”, and many more.

Henderson Wade as Matthew

The role of the mechanic, Matthew with whom Daphne falls in love in this movie is played by Henderson Wade. Henderson is widely known for his roles in “Riverdale”, “Swamp Thing”, “Matt Cable”, “The Last Ship”, and many others. He was born in Washington DC and has completed his education from Syracuse University, NY.

Lanette Ware as Fran

The Godmother of Daphne also plays an important role in this movie and this role is portrayed by the most experienced cast in this movie, Lanette Ware.

Lanette is a 51years old American actress who was born and raised in New York. Ware is a Lifetime Member of the actor’s studio. She has graduated with a B.A in Drama. She has appeared in many popular movies and shows like “The Supernatural”, “Bad Company”, “Shaft Terry”, and a lot more.

Laika Lalonde as Shirley

Viewers might be happy to know that the Syntax star, Laika Lalonde is also appearing in the movie Love By Accident. She has appeared as Shirley, mother of Matthew in this movie. Shirley has been shown in the flashbacks of Matthew’s story. Laika is also known for her roles in “Bullock the Bruiser”, “Twisted”, and few more.

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