Love on the Spectrum Cast, Release Date, Autism Dating Show

Netflix: Love on the Spectrum Cast, Release Date, Autism Dating Show

Netflix: Love on the Spectrum Cast, Release Date, Autism Dating Show

Netflix is back with the brand new dating show called “Love on the Spectrum.” The show is set to premiere autism youth as they explore the dating world. Know all about its cast, release date, and many more. 

Netflix is one of the greatest revolutions of the century which turned the world of movies and shows upside down. People don’t tend to have cable TV nowadays, because they have got Netflix. And there’s almost everything on Netflix. 

You think you have seen everything? Try Us. This motto of the streaming site tells everything about it. Netflix is home to thousands of movies and Tv shows which consists of more than 70 million active subscribers. 

The streaming site has produced almost every kind of movie and show. And this time, it has surprised the whole world with a documentary series focusing on Autism. The production company is back with a bang reality dating show called “Love On the Spectrum.” 

The show stars young adults with autism spectrum and is already getting positive response worldwide. Here are all things you need to know about the upcoming Netflix show like the cast, release date, and more before you dive into the show. 

Netflix: Love on the Spectrum Cast, Release Date and more

“Love On the Spectrum” is a new documentary series produced and marketed by Netflix. The show stars a bunch of young adults who have autism spectrum. The dating show will be packed with adventure as the cast explore the dating world. 

As for the cast, the series stars 7 young and single adults. As the story goes, they all try to find like-minded people and experience dating and love. 

The show has an Australian actress, Brooke Satchwell as the main narrator of the show. Besides, it involves other actors who have an autism spectrum and had to lead a difficult life due to the disability they were fated. 

One of the cast is Michael. The 25-year old is very optimistic and wise. As per his interview with TvTonight, he thinks his disability is a gift. He is also someone who doesn’t believe in ‘Love at First sight.’ 

Likewise, another cast is Chloe who has a hearing impairment. The 19-year old probably has the greatest engagement in the first episode of the series. As she is openly bisexual, she goes to two different dates in the opening episode of the show. 

Moving on, Ruth, 22 and Thomas, 25 are the two adorable characters on the show. They tend to do cute little things with each other. They seem to be normal than ever when they are together. 

Besides, the show features relationship experts, physiatrist, doctor, and so on. It is a groundbreaking show as it adds a new flavor to the dating world of Tv shows. 

Moreover, the series is directed by Cian O’Clery. The production companies involved are The Intellectual Property Corporation, an Industrial Media company. J.C. The executive producers are Jenni Wilkes, Karina Holden, and Cian O’Clery. 

As for its release date, the show is set to be premiered on Netflix on July 22. You can easily watch it in a Subscribed Netflix account. 

Also, the trailer of the show is already released by the video streaming site. It can be found in Netflix’s official youtube channel and the site itself. You can also watch the trailer here. 

“Love On the Spectrum” is described as Heartwarming and Intimate. It can also be heartbreaking at times when you come to know about the tussle of such youths. However, the series is all about finding love that the people deserve despite their disability. 

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