Lucas Botkin Net Worth And Wikipedia

Who is Lucas Botkin? Garand Thumb Lucas Beef Explained

Who is Lucas Botkin? Garand Thumb Lucas Beef Explained

Lucas Botkin has made a net worth of over a million dollars. Find his Wikipedia and bio here.

The primary shooter of the company T. REX ARMS. Lucas Botkin is also the founder and CEO of T. REX ARMS.

Basically, T.REX ARMS specializes in providing conventional and unconventional equipment for preserving human life. The products they manufacture are in service with citizens, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and members of the special operations community.

In addition, T.REX ARMS originally began in September of 2013 and was then known as a Kydex company. Then, it was a compact garage with hand tools, a band saw, and a dozen blue guns.

During their initial phase, they build some models of custom caliber made to customers’ specifications. But, later on, they started to built new products, upgraded the products, and hired people.

Currently, they have employed 16 people and are taking on a number of reckoning outside the Kydex world.

Lucas Botkin Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Lucas Botkin hasn’t revealed his actual net worth publicly.

But, being a founder and CEO of a company, we can estimate his net worth of millions. 

They create and make plastic widgets that help people carry guns. They also sew nylon gear that allows the carrying of materiel and other things. They also design said gear, shoot a bit but talk to the camera more often.

Lucas Botkin Wikipedia

Lucas Botkin’s biography is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. 

He is 25 years old CEO and founder of T.REX ARMS. He is yet to publicize his physical appearance and also height & weight details.

Talking about his family and wife, he hasn’t disclosed anything about them. And, we can’t see pictures with them on his social media handles also. He mainly posts about his new model of arms on his Instagram handle.

So, until he clarifies, we can say that he is single and isn’t dating.

He is also available on Twitch under the name @AimBotkin. He says that he isn’t a full-time streamer and mainly focuses on Battle Royale games.

Garand Thumb Lucas Beef Explained

In a YouTube video, Garand Thumb and Lucas Botkin are explaining the different functions of MK18s, and they go over their helmet setups and explain why certain equipment is used.

Garand uses a ballistic helmet which is a Safariland delta-X helmet, whereas Lucas is seen using AM tech carbon flux which isn’t a ballistic helmet. This helmet is basically a bump that helps for speed and maximum comfort.

Lucas and Garand have discussed various topics, and one of them is the belt setups. When the right belt setups are chosen, it will help in a good balance of speed. Garand has set up a place for gloves, magazines, a gear pouch, and a place for a gun. He is using the alums of Defense Group emissary gun belt. 

Where Lucas has designed a belt for himself and called it an Orion. His belt is a regular sleeve system that has a panel system and QB system set up for two pistols and a rifle.

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