Lucian Perez Ethnicity, Nationality, Age And Parents: How old?

Lucian Perez Ethnicity And Nationality: Is He Filipino?

Lucian Perez Ethnicity And Nationality: Is He Filipino?

Lucian Perez is a famous child actor who has been in the film industry since the year 2016 when he first appeared in the television series named 30 Something… else.

He had played the role of Jack and since then, he has already appeared in almost 11 different movies and television series. Some of his best shows include Wonder Woman 1984, Klaus, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Home Before Dark, etc. 

Name Lucian Perez
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Actor, Singer
Parents Angelo Perez and Cheryl Tsai
Siblings Kingsley Perez and Alessandra Perez
Married/Single Single
Instagram @lucianperez21

Apart from being just an actor, he is also recognized as a singer who has been credited in the additional voices for the television series named Home Before Dark. As of 2020, he has been currently appearing as Glazed Ham in the short television series named Summer Camp Island.

Also, he has been playing the role of Jumbo Mumbo in another short television series called Doc McStuffins.

10 Facts on Lucian Perez:

  1. Lucian Perez, a child actor is of Chinese ethnicity from his mother’s side while from his father’s side, he is European, Mexican, and Native American. 
  2. Speaking about Lucian Perez’s nationality, he is from the United States, and thus, he is an American citizen. 
  3. Although we have come to know that he is around 8 years to 15 years old, we do not know how old Lucian Perez actually is. 
  4. Moving on to Lucian Perez’s parents, he was born to Angelo Perez and Cheryl Tsai
  5. According to Rappler, he might look like a Filipino but the truth is that he is not.
  6. As per his biography on his official IMDb page, he has a total of two siblings. They are Kingsley Perez and Alessandra Perez.
  7. With about 253 total followers, he is active on Instagram under the username @lucianperez21.
  8. Very recently, he appeared in the world-famous movie Wonder Woman 1984 playing the role of Alistair
  9. Apart from just acting, he loves to play guitar and is also equally interested in playing baseball. 
  10. Even though you cannot find his information on Wikipedia, we are pretty much sure that you have now learned everything about him after reading these 10 facts. 

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