Luis Campusano Salary, Nationality Family and Instagram Bio 2019

Luis Campusano Salary Nationality: Where Is He From?

Luis Campusano Salary Nationality: Where Is He From?

Luis Campusano will be relieved about his salary after his felony charges were dropped.

In October 2020, Luis Campusano, a baseball player, was arrested for marijuana possession. If he had been convicted, he would have to serve 10 years in prison. Fortunate for him, he won’t be charged for that but could face suspension in the MLB.

Luis Campusano Salary Revealed

We can confirm Luis Campusano’s salary as $571.1 thousand.

Spotrac has revealed his payroll as 0.33%.

He was drafted into the MLB draft by San Diego Padres, and he signed the agreement deal for $1.3 million. Currently, we have no idea about Campusano’s net worth.

Luis Campusano Nationality: Where Is He From?

Luis Campusano’s nationality is American.

Reportedly, he was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia.

However, we are unknown about his ethnicity at the moment. He was born on September 29, 1998, and hence, he is just 22 years old right now.

His Family Life Explored

Fortunately, Luis Campusano has a very supportive family.

According to Augusta Chronicle, his parents attend his every game. 

His mother can be found taking pictures of her son frequently. On the other hand, his father, Genaro Campusano, sits and analyzes his game every single matchday. Luis is fortunate to have a family who always motivates him to achieve his dreams.

Meet Him On Instagram

Luis Campusano is active on Instagram, where his username can be searched as @luiscampusano5.

He has already earned more than 5.2 thousand followers there.

Moving on, Luis stands at the height of 5 feet and 11 inches. Moreover, his weight is measured to be approximately 105 kg.

His Bio Unveiled

We can fetch Luis Campusano’s bio from his official Wikipedia page.

According to the site, he plays for the San Diego Padres as their catcher.

Despite being drafted in 2017, he made his MLB debut on September 4, 2020. Talking about his stats, he has a batting average of 0.333. 

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