Lul Tim Shot 6 Times

Lul Tim Reportedly Shot 6 Times – Is King Von Shooter Dead?

Lul Tim Reportedly Shot 6 Times – Is King Von Shooter Dead?

Lul Tim was shot 6 times in the chest. Learn everything on rapper shooting and latest update.

Lul Tim Dead? Shot 6 Times

King Von is a rapper born in Chicago, Illionis. He was pretty famous and earning money from his music. He was known to the media and public figure as an aspiring rapper and musician.

He is known for his songs called Problems and Crazy Story. He was really doing good in his career, following his heart’s desires.

King Von is his stage name. King Von had a very chill personality. Unfortunately, fate and destiny had some different plans for him. Lul Tim murdered him. Outside a nightclub at Trinity Avenue, a gang fight happened.

It was reported that there was a fight happening at the nightclub.  The place where the murder happened was Monaco Hookah Lunge in Atlanta, Georgia. The gang was sent outside, and things started escalating pretty quickly. 

It was a huge group fighting with each other. The fight outside the nightclub beside the road in a parking lot looking like a place was all caught up in a CCTV camera.  

The fight was followed by gunfire. Who knew that these guys had guns and were capable of doing such a heinous act.

In that fight, King Von was shot six times. He died along with 2 other people. 6 people were injured. This happened in November 2020. 

It is an unfortunate thing to acknowledge in the time of pandemics for people.

King Von had his own history of crimes. He served in prison at the age of 19 for murder. He was in prison for more than three and a half years.

But he was out of it after paying money for his crimes and serving his time in prison.

He was really making his name in the industry. When he passed away Lebron James the famous NBA player tweeted giving his condolences. Lebron also said that his music really had made an impact on his and his son’s life.

Is King Von Shooter Dead?

King Von’s shooter is not dead. He has been charged with murder. But he has been given bail by paying thousands of dollars.

His fault of having to murder King Von will have him serve in prison for years. Also, charging him with money.

Lul Tim Age 

Lul Tim was born in Georgia on September 1st, 1998. He is 22 years old and is a part of rapper Quando Rondo’s team.

Lul Tim Net Worth 

Lul Tim’s networth has not been revealed to the public. Whereas, King Von’s networth is said to be around $400 thousand.




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