Luljaime Reddit Exposed: What Happened To Luljaime?

What Happened to Luljaime? Reddit Drama Explained

What Happened to Luljaime? Reddit Drama Explained

Luljaime has exposed himself on Reddit. What Happened To Luljaime?

Here is everything to know about what happened to the TikTok star.

Luljaime is a social media influencer who is famous for his weird videos. However, his fans believe that his videos are funny.

On TikTok, the influencer has earned over 153.6 thousand followers. Moreover, his videos have gained approximately 13.8 million likes.

Luljaime Reddit Exposed: What Happened To Luljaime?

Luljaime has a sub-Reddit under the username of @luljaime.

His Reddit seems to be public since its creation on December 8, 2020. So, if you want to post anything about him, you are free to do so.

Moreover, hundreds of people are active there. From the very start, Luljaime created a stream for his members to chat with each other.


I can’t decide to same my life bro ##fyp ##foryoupage ##lilsumn ##relatable ##idontknow ##valid ##justforfun ##awholevibe ##wednesday

♬ original sound – tc

Even after five months, the stream is live. Interestingly, the post has received 100% upvotes.

In April 2021, Luljaime revealed that he was banned. However, he didn’t mention who refused him and from which platform.

Well, there were no comments on his recent post. Since then, he hasn’t posted anything on his sub-Reddit.

Is He On Twitter? More About Luljaime

Luljaime has exposed himself on Twitter too.

He has over 20 followers under the username of @luljaime0. As per his bio, his real name is James.

Furthermore, he has revealed that his height is 6 feet tall. He is active on Twitter since April 2021.

His pinned post contains the N-word that has disappointed his fans. He has received a lot of hate comments regarding his tweet.

Recently, he tweeted about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Like many of us, even Luljaime is shocked to hear about the current scenario in Jerusalem.

According to his TikTok bio, Luljaime’s current age is 19 years. However, we have no idea about his birthday.

The influencer is more popular on TikTok than on Twitter. Also, he remains more active on TikTok in comparison to Twitter.

Moving on, Luljaime’s net worth in 2021 is yet to be published.

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