LunarKats Snapchat Video Rant: Twitch Drama Explained

LunarKats Snapchat Video Rant And Drama Explined

LunarKats Snapchat Video Rant And Drama Explined

LunarKats Snapchat video rant and drama leads her departure from TSM’s all-female Valorant team

 LunarKats Twitch alias name published an emotional statement on Twitch stream on Monday.

Real name Katherine So addressed reasons why she was forced to part ways with TSM over the weekend.

LunarKats explained that it was because of the Snapchat video rant that she made in 2019.

In that video, she said hurtful and offensive things about fast-food workers.

It was only three days after announcing her as part of TSM’s new all-female VALORANT roster; she was released from the TSM.

Quick Facts:

Name Katherine So
Birthday 1998
Age 23 Years old
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Gamer, Streamer
Instagram lunarkats
Tiktok LunarKats
Twitter @lunarkats
Youtube LunarKats

LunarKats Snapchat video rant that unfolded Twitch drama

LunarKats Snapchat video was focused on fast-food workers. “There is a video of a Snapchat rant that I made in 2019, and I said some really hurtful and insensitive things’”, LunarKats explained during her stream on Monday.

She didn’t provide much detail, though, about the video.

Who is LunarKats?

LunarKats is a twitch streamer who is a professional gamer. Before being a professional female player, she played CS: GO and has a history of joining professional tournaments.

She was accused of harassing a fellow content creator. Now she is taking a rest from social media.

She has set her Instagram, lunarkats to private after the incident. Her Instagram has around 4k followers and has 66 posts to date.

Her Twitter handle is still active and running with 10.4k followers and 786 followings.

You can also find her on Tik Tok and obviously in Twitch.

How much is her net worth?

She is relatively new in her professional career, so there is not much information about her net worth. 

As for her age, she is 23 years old. Honestly, she looks quite young. 

Since there is no information on her, it is unsure who her partner is or has a boyfriend.

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