Maci Bookout Death News – No, Teen Mom Star Is Not Dead But Alive

Is Maci Bookout death news true? No, the teen mom star is not dead but alive.

Everyone remembers Maci Bookout McKinney from shows like 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. However, recent news claims that the 29 years old reality star is allegedly dead. 

On the other hand, the evidence shows otherwise.  

Maci Bookout Death News: How Did She Die?

Maci Bookout death news has surfaced on the internet recently.

The rumours first began from Bookout’s own social media. Recently, Maci’s verified Instagram handle @macideshanebookout posted her picture with the caption “#RIP Devastated to confirm she has died 💔”

However, the comments were turned off from the post.

Likewise, Bookout’s Twitter handle also posted the same photo with the same caption. This led many people to belive that the reality star had left the world. 

However, it was not clearly mentioned how did Maci Bookout died. Furthermore, the caption also did not point out if it was really Maci who had died. 

Maci Bookout Death Hoax or Truth? No, Teen Mom Star Is Not Dead But Alive

No, Maci Bookout from Teen Mom star is not dead but alive.

Apparently, Maci Bookout death is just a hoax – not a truth. We have not received any official statements that she is actually dead.

In the photo, we can find a link attached to the news. While clicking the link, however, it takes to a very different article titled “celebrities we have lost in 2020”.

Moreover, the article was written back on May 4, 2020. The list includes late celebrities like Cady Groves, Pop Smoke, Kobe Bryant and John Prine.

The article has nowhere mentioned Bookout’s name in the list. This all hints that Maci Bookout might be alive.

Nonetheless, there are still some questions on why and who made the IG and Twitter posts. 

Maci Bookout Shooting Encounter 

Last year, Maci Bookout had a near-death experience in a gas shooting incident.

In October 2020, the reality star had stopped at a gas station. She was reportedly driving to pick up her son, Bentley, for his birthday.

However, the shooting occurred out of nowhere and Maci had to save herself by locking up in the bathroom. She eventually called her husband Taylor McKinney, who immediately fled to the station.

The shooting was so traumatic to the reality star that she was diagnosed with PTSD. Moreover, she even asked the show makers not to film her.

Bookout only opened about her experience in the March 23, 2021 episode. Besides, fans were very supportive of her bravery.

The death hoax has certainly come shocking to many people. We hope that she is safe.

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