Madeline Consoer The Voice: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Madeline Consoer The Voice: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Madeline Consoer The Voice: Age, Height, Boyfriend, Instagram

Madeline Consoer is an American singer. She on the trend since she appeared on the popular television reality show ‘The Voice‘ in the recent season, S19. She gave her blind audition on the second episode of The Voice and was appreciated by the judges. She is now in the team of the judge Kelly Clarkson.

The young singer is yet to compete with other singers of the show. Know about the young and inspiring Singer with some interesting and probably unheard facts below.

Name Madeline Consoer
Birthday 1996
Age 24 Years
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Reality TV Star, Singer
Instagram thatmaddiec

10 Facts on Madeline Consoer

  1. Madeline Consoer was born in 1996. As of 2020, the young singer is just 24 years old.
  2. The trending singer is from Eagle River, Wisconsin, and holds an American nationality.
  3. The fabulous singer has not disclosed her relationship status to the public. However, looking at her social media account, Madeline is most probably single.
  4. Since the hype of the singer is emerging and very fresh, Madeline is still not available on Wikipedia. Anyways, we can find enough of blog sites covering her story.
  5. No factual data is available regarding her height and measurement. To make a fair assumption on the basis of her appearance, the beautiful singer is about 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  6. The god-like parents of Madeline are still not exposed to the show. No one knows how the parents of Madeline look like or who they are. Hopefully, we will see them in the upcoming episodes of the show.
  7. Beautiful Madeline has got a beautiful pair of gray eyes. Her noticeable eyes put a whole new level of beauty in her face.
  8. She likes making unique hairstyles. She has been blonde, brunette, and even a redhead. 
  9. Madeline released her latest single ‘Then It’s Love’. She even posted a short clip of the song on her Instagram account.
  10. The rising star singer is available on Instagram @thatmaddiec where she has over 5 thousand followers.

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