Madeline Hirvonen Christmas With The Darlings: Age, Birthday, Parents, Instagram

Madeline Hirvonen: 10 Facts On Christmas With The Darlings Actress

Madeline Hirvonen: 10 Facts On Christmas With The Darlings Actress

Madeline Hirvonen is a child actress who has acted in movies like Travelers and While you were dating. She has also made an appearance in the Television Show Legends of Tomorrow.

Madeline comes from a family involved in the movie business, her father is a stunt rigging coordinator, her mother and sister are also actors.

Name Madeline Hirvonen
Birthday Nov 17, 2009
Age 10
Gender Female
Height 3 feet 11 inches
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Parents Kai Hirvonen Heather Feeney
Siblings Islie Hirvonen
Instagram @madelinehirvonen
Twitter @maddiehirvonen

10 Facts about Madeline Hirvonen

  1. Madeline is a child actress who made her debut in the TV movie While You Were Dating in 2017 when she was just 8 years old.
  2. Madeline is the daughter of actress Heather Feeney and stunt rigging coordinator Kai Hirvonen.
  3. She has an elder sister Islie Hirvonen who is also an actress and has appeared in movies like Deadpool 2.
  4. Madeline’s most known role was in the popular TV show Legends of Tomorrow where she played the role of Pippa and was on screen for 2 episodes.
  5. Born on November 17, 2009, Madeline is only 10 years old. She is just few days shy of celebrating her 11th birthday.
  6. Madeline, although only 10 years old, has a Twitter which is @maddiehirvonen and has 76 followers, 140 followings with 114 tweets. Her account is monitored by her mother.
  7. She also has an Instagram which is @madelinehirvonen and has 1,446 followers, 578 followings, and 98 posts which is also monitored by her mother.
  8. Along with being an actress, Madeline is also a dancer, her mother posts clips of her skills to Madeline’s Instagram account. Madeline is also a cook, as she is seen cooking or working in the kitchen in many of her posts on Instagram.
  9. As of now, there is no data about where she is studying or where is from, and what her education is.
  10. Madeline is a part of a recent TV movie, Christmas with The Darlings, where is plays the role of Abby, her sister Islie is also a part of the movie.

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