Man, im finna whip dis hoe TikTok Song Meme, and Lyrics Explained

Man, im finna whip dis hoe TikTok Song Meme, and Lyrics Explained

Man, im finna whip dis hoe TikTok Song Meme, and Lyrics Explained

Man, I’m finna whip dis hoe is a new song that’s been featured in lots of TikTok videos. The words “Man, I’m finna whip dis hoe” are words that are predominantly African American and people have taken those words and made it their own. These videos featuring the song began gaining a lot of views in TikTok recently and started being popular in Mid July of 2020.

Most of the videos in this song are videos of people flexing their cars and expensive vehicles. At least that’s what it was in the beginning. People started showing off their cars and luxurious vehicles putting this song on the background. But after a while, people started to make memes and show off their old cars to make this rend hilarious as well. There are about 87 thousand videos on TikTok that feature this song.


oopsie almost got in an accident @tylervedderr

♬ Lil esco 28 – atl_gxccj

these are the kind of videos made using this song. This particular video isn’t that suave because they almost gt in an accident but this is the essence of the “whip dis hoe” trend. People being cool and showing off their luxurious cars.

Man I’m Finna Whip Dis Hoe TikTok Song

The song is a mixture of 2 different elements. The Remix beat of Playboi Carti’s song “Molly” is used on the songs but the words “Man I’m finna whip dis hoe” didn’t come with the song. A teenage social media personality “Lil Esco 28” made a video on his YouTube channel where he said the words “Man I’m finna whip dis hoe” before driving off.

These 2 elements came together and became a very funny trend that took TikTok by storm. The song is on TikTok as well uploaded by an editor named @atl_gxccj.


♬ Lil esco 28 – atl_gxccj

People have made this video with boats as well. But that’s fair because after all, boats are more expensive than cars anyway.

Man I’m Finna Whip Dis Hoe TikTok Meme Explained

There are many “Man I’m finna whip dis hoe” memes on TikTok. The audio itself came from an already popular meme on Youtube which makes it a lot less surprising when you say there are memes on this song.

The idea of a meme is to subvert the idea behind the trend and that subversion is really funny to watch. This TikTok video uses the same song and features the same confidence by a man before heading out to drive a car but he has an old car that doesn’t even drive nicely.


I swear 0-60 is 2.3 seconds ##fyp ##NotTheOne ##foryou ##luxurycars

♬ Lil esco 28 – atl_gxccj

These kinds of videos really are about bringing people who show off their luxurious thigs down and saying that there’s nothing wrong with having moderate stuff in life. 

There are other kinds of memes as well which are just cool. Just look at this amazing video posted by @shyohs on TikTok.


sandy cheeks on x games mode ##fyp ##foryou ##flyingsquirrel @baddesthoe420

♬ Lil esco 28 – atl_gxccj

You will be cool in life and reach James Bond drinking martini level of cool but never a squirrel hijacking a mini airplane cool in your life. So, this meme trend is really funny to watch.

Man I’m Finna Whip Dis Hoe TikTok Lyrics Explained

The lyrics of this song isn’t that clear. First of all, there’s the voice of Lil Esco saying “Man I’m finna whip dis hoe” and a beat of another song. The song used in this audio clip is Molly. Lyrics is really simple. It goes:

Look at these diamonds, they shining (Yeah)

Look at these bitches, they lyin’ (Yeah)

Baby, these diamonds not Johnny (Yeah)

I just called up Avianne (Yeah)

I don’t got no stylist (Yeah)

All my planes are privates Perkys on the privates

We don’t fuck with molly 

There are certain times these words repeat and that makes the whole song.



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