Mandla Lamba Wife Net Worth Biography & Age: Meet SA’s Fake Billionaire

Who Is SA’s Fake Billionaire Mandla Lamba? Age Wife And Net Worth Details

Who Is SA’s Fake Billionaire Mandla Lamba? Age Wife And Net Worth Details

Mandla Lamba and his wife video is catching plenty of attention. Follow us to know more about SA’s fake billionaire net worth and biography.

Lamba is a fake South Africa billionaire. He is back with a bang after serving his time in jail.

He is attempting to sell shares in his company for his latest venture to the 4.1 Million Instagram followers celebrity Somizi Mhlongo.

Mandla Lamba Wife: Who Is He Married To?

Mandla Lamba wife details are still out of sight.

However, there’s a video of Lamba and his wife circulating all over the internet.

In that video, Lamba sounds very insecure where he’s talking to his wife. 

He was seen laying hands on his wife which seems kind of weird.

At the end of that video, Lamba’s wife was whispering saying “don’t get upset, they’re my brothers.”

And, it was seen like Lamba was asking his wife: “Are you happy with me”, and she was compelled to say: “Yes”.

Lamba Net Worth Enlightened

Mandla Lamba faked his net worth to be in the billions.

 Well, he claimed to have an inspirational story as he began his life as a deprived youngster.

He also claimed to own gold, diamond, and manganese mines in South Africa.

Despite liked to portray himself as a billionaire, he had it all – suits, cars, houses, and even the business.

Is His Biography On Wikipedia?

Mandla Lamba biography is not on Wikipedia.

Despite this fact, we can find several news portals that have covered his information. 

Lamba Age: How Old Is He?

Mandla Lamba age is around 35 years old.

As per the article published on Forbes on May 13th, 2011, he was claimed to be 25 years old.

So, our research team has guessed that age.

Meet SA’s Fake Billionaire

Mandla Lamba is SA’s fake billionaire.

Mandla Lamba was the imaginative man who claimed to be a billionaire.

Moreover, he was widely reported as South Africa’s ‘youngest billionaire’. 

Many prominent and credible newspapers also referred to him as the country’s youngest billionaire which received him extensive publicity across the globe.

All these make up stories turned out to be false. This billionaire was no rich man, but a fraud.

Following several months of a fruitless venture to track him down, he was arrested at Nelson Mandela Square.

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