Mandy Stavik Wikipedia Murder – Who killed Mandy Stavik In Acme Washington?

Mandy Stavik Wikipedia Murder – Who killed Mandy Stavik In Acme Washington?

Mandy Stavik Wikipedia Murder – Who killed Mandy Stavik In Acme Washington?

Mandy Stavik is not on Wikipedia yet. Her murder convict was found 30 years after her death. Who Killed her? Let us find out.

Mandy was a collegiate athlete. She was murdered after being abducted and raped near her home in Washington.

Mandy Stavik Wikipedia

Mandy Stavik’s Wikipedia bio is yet to be publicly available.

Her case is over three decades old now. Stavik’s case also has not been included in a Wikipedia page as of now.

Perhaps, she will feature on Wikipedia when her case is fully solved.

In fact, Mandy was a college freshman at the age of 18 years old. She had joined Central Washington Univerity in 1988.

Besides, she had attended Mount Baker High School in her hometown. She was an athlete at the school who frequently participated in sports and musical activities.

In addition, Stavik had a huge passion for running. Actually, she uses to run from her home to the Nooksack River, covering five miles. However, during a run, she disappeared before her body was bound in the same river.

Mandy Stavik Murder

Mandy Stavik’s murder took place in November 1989.

Stavik’s body was found on November 27, 1989, near the Nooksack River. She disappeared while she was jogging near Acme in Whatcom County, Washington.

Her mother, Mary, had called the sheriff when she did not return home for many hours.

However, they could only find her dead and nude body after three days.

Mandy’s cause of death was murder after a sexual assault. It was confirmed after male DNA was found on her body.

Who Killed Mandy Stavik In Acme Washington?

Timothy Bass killed Mandy Stavik in Acme Washington.

Bass was found guilty of first-degree murder on May 24, 2019. In fact, he was sentenced to around 27 years of imprisonment.

Also, he was charged with first-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping too.

Police arrested Timothy in December 2017 after his DNA matched with the DNA found on Mandy’s body.

A co-worker of Timothy Bass had reportedly helped the police to find his guilt. The unnamed woman had handed a plastic cup discarded by Bass to the police.

The Court of Appeals ruled his conviction for first-degree murder will be intact.

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