Maria Chata Leon Wikipedia Age Husband And Family

Maria Chata Leon Wikipedia: Where Is She Now?

Maria Chata Leon Wikipedia: Where Is She Now?

Is Maria Chata Leon a notorious drug gang queen on Wikipedia? Get to know her whereabouts Age and Husband details. 

Maria is known to be one of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters of all time.

Leon has also been arrested at least 14 times since 1985. 

Maria Chata Leon: Wikipedia and Age

Maria Chata Leon’s data is not available on Wikipedia. 

Her age is not disclosed in any media, but looking through her picture, she seems to be in the age range of 40-50 years old. 

Leon is also an illegal immigrant who entered the U.S and has done many illegal things, which involve drug smuggling, human trafficking, and murders. 

Leon was working in Los Angeles, and she had the backing of the Mexican Mafia. 

Maria Chata Leon: Husband And Family

Maria Chata Leon’s current husband’s details do not come forth the media.

But she has been married to four husbands.

And she is the mother of 13 children.

She gave birth to all of them by the early 2000s. 

The father of 13 children is four different men, with whom Leon had a relationship.

There aren’t any exact details on which one is her serious husband, or neither four of them were her husband. They all might be unwedded to Maria Chata Leon.

Leon and her children ran all of her crime operations from their home, known as the “Satellite House,” as there was a satellite TV dish in their driveway. 

Her sons are part of Leon’s family drug dealing and immigrant smuggling. 

Likewise, Maria’s brother, an illegal immigrant, works with her sister, and all of them formed the gang nucleus. 

Leon’s sons died in a police shootout back in 2008, when she was hiding in Mexico. 

Where is Maria Chata Leon?

Maria Chata Leon is living in agony in prison.

During her son’s funeral, she tried to sneak out to LA and was caught by police and sentenced to eight years in prison. 

Additionally, in 2011, a human smuggling ring linked with the Avenue street gang was sentenced to 25 years in Prison, and Leon and her sons were part of the gang. 

The smuggling organization was responsible for bringing at least 200 illegal immigrants annually to the United States.

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