María Eugenia Yagüe Wikipedia Biografia, Edad And Husband

Maria Eugenia Yague: Where Is Juan Yague Daughter Now?

Maria Eugenia Yague: Where Is Juan Yague Daughter Now?

María Eugenia Yagüe is the president of the Yagüe Foundation. Let’s explore Juan Yague Daughter María Wikipedia Biografia.

According to her IMDb page, María appeared in the documentary, Franco on Trial: The Spanish Nuremberg? in 2018. Yagüe also appeared in the 2018 TV Movie Documentary, Die Klage gegen die Franco-Diktatur.

María Eugenia Yagüe Wikipedia Biografia

María Eugenia Yagüe is not on Wikipedia.

One can read about María Eugenia Yagüe and her biografia on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. Talking about her family, María Eugenia Yagüe is the daughter of Juan Yague and María Eugenia Martinez Del Campo Montero-Ríos.

Juan was in the Spanish Military and was popularly known  as “Butcher of Badajoz.” He was born on November 19, 1891, and died on October 21, 1952. Her mother was born in 1905 and she passed away on November 5, 1994, at the age of 89 years.

What Is María Eugenia Yagüe’s Edad?

María Eugenia Yagüe’s edad or age is 86 years in 2021. 

María was born in the year 1935. María’s nationality is Spanish, but her ethnicity remains unknown. María Eugenia Yagüe has five siblings, and she is the second child out of six.

Eugenia Yagüe is yet to reveal details about her family and children to the media.

Quick Facts:

Name Maria Eugenia Yague
Birthday 1935
Age 86 years
Gender Female
Nationality Spanish
Parents Juan Yague, María Eugenia Martinez Del Campo Montero-Ríos.

Some Facts To Know About María Eugenia Yagüe 

  1. María Eugenia Yagüe and her husband prefer to stay away from the limelight.
  2. The details of Eugenia Yagüe’s salary and net worth are currently private.
  3. Eugenia Yagüe was asked to pay 900 euros for disobeying the judicial authority in November 2018, reports Cadena SER.
  4. Yagüe’s sibling, Paloma Yagüe Martinez del Campo was the Catedral de Santa María la Mayor and is married to Gonzalo Ortega Chicote. 
  5. Juan Yague was born to a doctor and he later became the Lieutenant General. Juan was the Minister of the Air and Captain-General of the Military Region, Burgos.

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