Maria Miles Wikipedia Age Family: Her Illness Explained

Maria Miles Wiki Age: What Happened With Her?

Maria Miles Wiki Age: What Happened With Her?

Actress Maria Miles has many wondering about her age. Learn about the actress and various wiki sites she has been featured on

Maria Miles is a British actress best known for the movie “Cold Comfort Farm” and the hit BBC series “Dublin Murders“.

The actress has been in the acting industry since the early 1990s and is still making her mark in the industry. 

She was first seen in the movie “Kafka” and has 16 acting credits so far. 

Maria Miles Wikipedia and Age

Maria Miles has not been documented on Wikipedia yet. 

On the contrary, the actress has a profile on IMDb with a short bio on her works. 

Moreover, Maria Miles also has a wiki page on the Fandom but as “Sheila Sketch“, a role she has portrayed. 

Likewise, she has also been featured on networthpost and her net worth is valued at $900,000 dollars.

As of now, Maria Miles’s age has not been revealed yet.

Judging by how long she has been in the entertainment industry, she may be in her fifties.

Maria Miles Family and Husband

There is no information on Maria Miles’s family: her parents or siblings (if she has any).

The actress is completely cut off from social media and the public eyes and can only be seen in the movies or series she acts on. 

Likewise, we also do not know if she has a husband or if she is even married. 

Maria Miles Illness 

The actress Maria Miles may be suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. 

This has been indicated by an article in the Guardian, where the actress has been shortly mentioned by screenwriter, Jack Thorne. 

The TV series “Skins” had featured Maria as “Sheila Sketch” who is the mother of the character “Lucy Sketch” and someone who is suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

Jack Thorne had required the cast for the character “Sheila” to be someone who also suffering from multiple sclerosis. 

Since actress Maria Miles was the one who was cast for the role, maybe she has the illness in real life as well. But nothing can be sure until the actress herself comes out and talk about the matter. 


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