Maria Sosa Ramon Sosa Wife: Wikipedia and Net Worth

Boxer Ramon Sosa Now: Get To Know His Wife Maria Sosa Whereabouts

Boxer Ramon Sosa Now: Get To Know His Wife Maria Sosa Whereabouts

Maria Sosa is convicted for hiring a hitman to kill her own husband, Ramon Sosa. This news has raised the eyebrows of the fans. Where is she now?  

Maria Sosa is not a public figure, but she is the wife of a pro former boxer Ramon. He also owned two gyms in Houston Texas. In short, he has been a fighter all of his life, both in and out of the boxing ring. 

As per the reports from Daily Mail, Maria’s husband faked his own murder with the help of the police. He made a terrifying plan to gather strong evidence so that he could catch his wife, Maria aka lulu red hand.  

Moreover, she is originally from Mexico, moved to the US along with her son and daughter (family). 

Maria Sosa: Ramon Sosa Wife Details

Maria and Roman Sosa exchanged their rings on March 15, 2009, according to the Cinemaholic.

Furthermore, Lulu was living a happy life with her children in Texas until she was arrested by police in July 2015.

Is she in jail? Well, She is serving a sentence of up to 20 years in prison right now. 

Maria Sosa Wikipedia: Does She Have One?

Maria’s name has not appeared on the radar of Wikipedia, as she is not a celebrity.

However, we can get to know her with the help of this wiki-style article. 

Meanwhile, she has no profile on social media outlets like Instagram or Facebook. 

Her date of birth is unavailable at the time of this writing. By her looks, Maria’s age is 43 years at present.

Maria Sosa Net Worth Divulged

Maria’s net worth is under survey. She hasn’t involved in any sectors though.

However, her husband’s net worth and financial details are yet to disclose on the web.

His life story is actually filmed on the CBS crime documentary called 48 hours.  

Also, he has published a book called I Walked On My Own Grave which is based on his real-life story.




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