Mariah Kennedy Cuomo Boyfriend, Are They Married?

Tellef Lundevall Age: Mariah Kennedy Cuomo Boyfriend, Are They Married?

Tellef Lundevall Age: Mariah Kennedy Cuomo Boyfriend, Are They Married?

Mariah Kennedy Cuomo, daughter of the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is dating Norwegian boyfriend Tellef Lundevall and Andrew said that “he likes the boyfriend”.

Recently, there was this buzz created when governor Andrew Cuomo mentioned his daughter’s boyfriend at one of his coronavirus press conferences. He officially stated that “We like The Boyfriend”. Although he laughingly also mentioned that their pet dog doesn’t like him.

He also said that whether you like him or not you should say that you like the boyfriend otherwise they can rebel and get married soon just to spite you. But in this case, we think the governor actually likes her boyfriend and approves their relationship because of Tellef’s undeniably handsome looks and successful career. Thanks to Andrew, now everyone in the United States kind of knows Mariah is dating someone great and are curious about “The boyfriend”.

So here is everything we know about Mariah Kennedy Cuomo’s handsome boyfriend Tellef Lundevall. 

Name Tellef Lundevall
Birthday 20 September 1990
Age 29 years old
Gender Male
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Weight 95 kg
Nationality Norwegian
Profession Entrepreneur, Footballer, Basketball player
Married/Single Single
Education Brown University
Instagram tellef920

Tellef Lundevall Age

Tellef Lundevall is the CEO and Founder of a digital marketing company, Accelerated Digital Media which is based in Chicago. He was born on September 20, 1990, in Oslo, Norway. He is currently 29 years old.

He has three siblings namely Kaja, Iselin, and Hallvard. Tellef is a Norwegian but he has been in the US for most of his life. He went to Highland Park School in Illinois and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire. 

After graduating high school he attended one of the Ivy Leagues, Brown University, and graduated with a degree in Economics and Geology in 2013.

Tellef has a stunning height of 6 feet 4 inches and weighs around 95 kgs. This handsome hunk not only has a great physique but he is also an athlete.

He has played for football varsity and basketball varsity when he was in college. He concluded his football career by being the 7th all-time rank in The Ivy League for career receptions. Just recently, in 2020, he got selected to the Football All-Decade Team of the Brown University.

Tellef Lundevall and Mariah Kennedy Cuomo Relationship

Tellef Lundevall attended Brown University where he met Mariah Kennedy, 25 when she was a freshman while he was in his senior year.  It is not clear when they started dating each other but they are together for a few years now.

They opened up about their relationship not long ago in December 2018 through Mariah’s social media account.

Is Mariah Kennedy Cuomo and Boyfriend Tellef Lundevall married? Wedding Plans Explained

Tellef Lundevall is a talented person who has already become the CEO of his own company from a young age of 25. This entrepreneur is also a star in sports. But his girlfriend Mariah Kennedy Cuomo is also no less.

She is the digital strategist for a Fortune 500 executive and a human rights activist. This daughter of famous political personality Andrew Cuomo sure deserves a great life partner. So are they getting married?

Although these two are in a relationship for a while they are not getting married as of now. However, as Tellef has already been close to the Cuomo family, it seems he has a high chance of getting approval from Mariah’s parents if they decide to get married.

Mariah’s father, Andrew also publicly announced his approval of their relationship. They look very cute together and we hope they will get married to each other soon in the future.

Is Tellef Lundevall on Instagram?

Tellef Lundevall is active on Facebook and Instagram but his accounts are private. His Instagram name is @Tellef920. However, his posts can be seen by only the followers approved by him.

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