Martin Bashir Health Update And Illness: Is He Sick?

Martin Bashir To Leave BBC: What happened? Health Update

Martin Bashir To Leave BBC: What happened? Health Update

Martin Bashir quits BBC to focus on health. Is he sick badly? Here are details on the journalist’s illness and health update.

Martin Bashir is a veteran Journalist. He was serving as the religion editor for the BBC and is considered as the TV’s anti-hero.

He is mostly recognized for his interviews with Princess Diana and Michael Jackson on his infamous show Panorama.

Bashir’s departure is officially announced by BBC Director Jonathan Munro on May 15, 2021.  Here’s what we know about his illness.

Martin Bashir Illness: Is He Sick?

Martin Basir is sick and leaving BBC due to his ongoing health issues.

He is said to have serious heart issues and have had a surgical procedure last year.

The broadcaster has reported on religious affairs for the BBC since 2016.

His departure news comes just after questions were raised following his interview with Princess Diana for Panorama in 1995.

Martin Bashir Health Update

Basir was also absent from his role after contracting Covid.

He has undergone quadruple bypass surgery. After which he has some major health complications.

As of now, he wishes to focus on his health after a long BBC career and growing age.

Martin Bashir’s age is 58 years old as of May 2021.

He was born in 1963 and celebrates his birthday on the 19th of January.

Who is Martin Bashir? Wikipedia

Martin Bashir has a dedicated Wikipedia bio in his name.

He is a big name in British Journalism, infamous for his widely acclaimed Panorama Interview.

His Journalist career began as a BBC news correspondent in 1987.

After which he joined Panorama, a corporation’s investigative program.

He made headlines after his interview with Princess Diana in 1986 for Panorama.

As of the latest news, he is accused of showing fake financial documents and telling an untrue story about the Royal Family.

Furthermore, he has worked on shows including Songs of Praise and Public Eye.






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