Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin Age, Net Worth And HGTV Wiki

Who Is Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin From HGTV Two Steps Home? Wiki And Family

Who Is Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin From HGTV Two Steps Home? Wiki And Family

Mary Tjon Joe Pin From HGTV Two Steps Home is an eminent actress. Stick with us to perceive more about her age and Wikipedia.

If you’re an avid fan of HGTV, you might be familiar with HGTV star Mary. She and her husband Jon Pierre takes the worst houses in Houston and gives them the best makeover possible.

Well, Mary is catching the limelight as the couple’s new series, Two Steps Home will be aired on Wednesday, June 16.

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin Age: How Old?

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin age is 37 years old as of now.

She was born in the year 1983. And, she blows up her birthday candles on 22nd July every year.

Her zodiac sign is Cancer.

Her Net Worth 

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin net worth is definitely more than $5 million.

If you follow HGTV, you’re probably aware of Tjon-Joe-Pin and Jon; the husband-wife duo is house flippers.

Tjon-Joe-Pin has certainly racked up a huge sum of money with her glimmering career.

Before that, she was a flight attendant at American Airlines. She was also a Business Development Manager at Black-Market Exchange.

Is She Seen On Wiki?

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin bio is left out from the Wiki page.

So far now, the HGTV star, Tjon-Joe-Pin is yet to get flaunted on the official page of Wikipedia. 

However, several web portals have already written about her.

The star of HGTV’s Going for Sold also has two children – a son named Grayson, 3, and a daughter named Harper, 5. 

Everything On HGTV Two Steps Home

Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin and her husband Jon Pierre return to HGTV in a new series, Two Steps Home.

The show will be premiering on Wednesday, June 16.

In their new series, Mary and Jon take a two-step approach as they help clients through the challenging process of selling their homes and buying a new one.

Well, throughout the series, Mary and Jon will lead a number of clients to a home that perfectly fits their needs, from a family that needs a dedicated homeschool space to a couple with a newborn baby.

You can grasp much more about the series on HGTV.

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