Matima Miller Shot To Death

Matima Miller Age – What Happened To Matima Miller Aka  Swavy?

Matima Miller Age – What Happened To Matima Miller Aka  Swavy?

Matima Miller aka Swavy was shot to death at the age of 18 in Wilimhton. Know what happened to TikTok Babyface.S.

Matima is a TikTok star. He was better known as Swavy, who posted dancing content on his TikTok Babyface.S.

Matima Miller Shot To Death – What Happened?

Matima Miller was shot to death on Monday.

Miller was killed in a fatal shooting that happened near the 700 block of Elbert Place. 

Delaware online reports police had found a man with a gunshot wound near the Southbridge neighborhood. They had reached the spot at around 10:42 am. 

However, the authorities have not revealed where he was shot. Besides, they had taken him to a hospital nearby. Sadly, his life could not be saved.

The authorities are still investigating the shooting incident. They have not even revealed the identity of the victim. Police have just disclosed he is a 19-year-old boy.

Matima Miller aka Swavy Death Video: How Did Swavy Die?

Matima Miller aka Sawvy’s death was confirmed following a video by his friend.

Damaury Mikula posted a video on social media revealing Swavy was shot to death. Also, he cries as he says he had texted Miller just moments before the incident.

Swavy and Mikula have made several videos together. In fact, Matima’s last TikTok video was posted on Sunday, a day before he dies. Swavy is smiling in the video.

Matima Miller aka Swavy TikTok Babyface.S

Matima Miller or Swavy was on TikTok as Babyface.S.

Swavy was a TikTok star with over 2.4 million followers there. Furthermore, his videos had amassed over 96.4 million likes altogether.

Miller used to post his dance videos on TikTok. Also, his friends shared his dance moves with him.

Most of his videos have been viewed over a million times. Meanwhile, many of his fans are commenting on his latest video wishing the news of his death to be false.


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Matima Miller or Swavy Age

Matima Miller’s age was 18 years old.

Miller was from Wilmington, Delaware. It is not clear whether he was born and raised here.

Besides, we could not have our hands on the details regarding his parents and family background.

Miller Net Worth

Matima had treasured a good net worth as a TikTok star.

The exact is figure is yet to be known, though. It does not seem he had other sources of income apart from social media.

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