Matiss Kivlenieks Net Worth, Age And Wikipedia

Blue Jackets Goalie Matiss Kivlenieks Dies From A Fall – Everything To Know

Blue Jackets Goalie Matiss Kivlenieks Dies From A Fall – Everything To Know

Matiss Kivlenieks treasured a good net worth in his career. Suddenly his death due to an accident has tumbled down the environment.

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Matiss was a professional ice hockey goalkeeper. The Latvian played for the Columbus Blue Jackets in NHL.

Matiss Kivlenieks Net Worth

Matiss Kivlenieks had a net worth of over a million dollars.

However, the exact figures of Matiss’s fortune have not surfaced in the media yet. The goalie had been playing at a professional level for nearly a decade.

In fact, Kivlenieks had made over $1.5 million from his professional career only. To point out, he had a salary of around $700 thousand with the Blue Jackets this season. Actually, Matiss had signed a contract for two years ahead of the 2020 season.

His contract would have had him earn $750 thousand as base salary next season.

Matiss Kivlenieks Age and Wikipedia

Matiss Kivlenieks’s age was 24 years old.

The Blue Jackets goalie was born in Riga, Latvia, on August 26, 1996. Matiss was born to his parents Astrida and her husband. 

Matiss Kivlenieks is on Wikipedia.

It seems Matiss’s Wikipedia bio was created after his death. The young athlete had made his NHL debut with the Blue Jackets in January 2020. In fact, he secured a win in his NHL debut.

Kivlenieks, at a young age, used to play for Prizma Riga in his nation. He played for the team and decided to pursue a career in America. Actually, he dreamt of playing in NHL one day.

To point out, he had a brief career in the Minnesota Junior Hockey League for the Forest Lake Lakers.

Matiss Kivlenieks Death and Accident: How Did He Die?

Matiss Kivlenieks suffered death due to an accident on July 4, 2021.

As per Kivlenieks’ obituary by the Blue Jackets, he had suffered a tragic accident. He had a head injury in a fall on concrete that led to his death. His colleagues and fans have expressed their grief and contributed to his young career.

Matis Kivlenieks Wife and Family

Matis Kivlenieks did not have a wife.

The hockey goalie was not married. Besides, he never revealed his girlfriend too. Thus we have no clue about his dating life.

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