Maureen McArdle-Schulman Husband, Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Education

Maureen McArdle-Schulman

Maureen McArdle-Schulman

Maureen McArdle-Schulman is a 61-year-old American politician. She is a candidate representing New York’s Congressional 17th District in the upcoming election. She advanced from the basic to the general election in June.

She is working from the Republican Party. Maureen will be representing that party in the election happening on 3rd November, 2020. She will be fighting for  Education, Healthcare and more in the election.

Name Maureen McArdle-Schulman
Birthday January 9 1959
Age 61
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Politician
Married/Single Married
Husband William
Children 3
Education Farmingdale State College and John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Twitter @Maureen4NY
Facebook @Maureen4NY

10 Facts On Maureen McArdle-Schulman

  1. Maureen McArdle-Schulman is of age 61 years old. She is an American politician who was born on January 9, 1959. Maureen was born in Mineola, New York and was raised there too.
  2. Maureen is 5 feet 6 inches tall and has blonde hair and brown eyes. Any other measurements of her are not at hand.
  3. Maureen is serving the Republican political party and that is what she will represent in the upcoming election.
  4. There is no information about her family background but she assumably belonged to an educated family and is native of New York.
  5. Professionally, Maureen is a Criminal Justice worker and has also worked as a firefighter in NewYork. She has retired from being a firefighter.
  6. There is no information about Maureen’s net worth but working as a Criminal Justice officer she must have earned enough to sustain her life.
  7. Maureen went to Farmingdale State College (SUNY) for her undergraduate education. She later went to John Jay College of Criminal Justice for her graduate education.
  8. Maureen is married to her husband William since 1981, with whom she has two daughters. She also has three grandchildren.
  9. The problems Maureen will be tacking are issues of Economy, Civil Liberties, Equality, Immigration, Education, Healthcare, and Veteran Rights.
  10. Maureen is on Facebook and Twitter . She also has her own website.

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