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Max Fowler

Max Fowler

Max Fowler is an actor with looks that can kill. He is very attractive bt the reason for his charming aura is not just his appearance but the talent that he has. He has worked with streaming giant Netflix and also has worked in shows that are produced by the BBC channel.

Fowler grew up as a skateboarder and that’s what he always did. He wasn’t obsessed with acting and did not train for it. But, he auditioned for the first time when he was 17. Even though he didn’t get the role, it set him on the path to becoming an actor. Let’s get to know him better today…


10 Facts On Max Fowler

  1. Max Fowler is currently 29 years old according to sources online. He appears very attractive and vibrant as 29 is still a young age.
  2. Fowler was born on Jan 19, 1991, which makes his birth sign Capricorn.
  3. Mx was born in London in England and grew up in the city. He grew around the urban landscape and he fell in love with skateboarding.
  4. He doesn’t have a Wikipedia which is why details about his life are a bit hard to search. However, feel free to read a short bio of him on the IMDB website.
  5. We don’t know how tall he is. He looks fairly tall in his pictures but I can’t really give an acute height by just his picture.
  6. He has a girlfriend and her name is Emma Croft. In fact, he recently commemorated his 10th Anniversary of meeting his girlfriend with a sweet Instagram post.
  7. He is of British nationality and he is based in Britain as well.
  8. Max is known for his roles in “The Affair”, “Wolf Hall” and “Rage”.
  9. His parents’ names are Karen Fowler and Simon Fowler.
  10. Fowler has 778 followers on his Instagram account.

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