Meet Derrick Jaxn Mistress On Instagram

Candice De Medeiros: Meet Derrick Jaxn Mistress On Instagram

Candice De Medeiros: Meet Derrick Jaxn Mistress On Instagram

Relationship “Guru” Derrick Jaxn Exposed by his mistress Candice De Medeiros. Have a look at this article to know about Candice De Medeiros age and other information.

Candice De Medeiros is a trending person who is recently getting wide coverage after exposing Instagram-famous relationship “Guru” Derrick Jaxn. He was outed by Candice for being a philandering lying.

According to the latest video from Vlogger, Tasha K. Candice is a Ghanaian, Dominican and Portuguese woman who has known Derrick for ten years, has brought to light the reality of social media relationship expert and author.

Candice De Medeiros Age and Height 

Candice De Medeiros’s age is still beneath the soil as she has never been upfront about her personal information in the public domain. Matter of fact, there is no information about her actual date of birth so far.

Orlando, Miami-based trending personality Candice De Medeiros height is yet to get disclosed. However, we expect her to stand with good height, as seen in the photos.

Meet Derrick Jaxn Mistress On Instagram

The Instagram handle of Derrick Jaxn Mistress Candice De Medeiros is under the username @mslovelysoul. She has collected more than 5.2k followers to date.

Due to recent controversy with popular Instagram relationship expert Derrick, Candice has preferred to keep her low profile on Instagram. Recently, she has kept her Instagram profile private. 

Quick Facts:

Name Candice De Medeiros
Gender Female
Nationality Ghanaian-Dominican-Portuguese
Profession Trending Person
Instagram @mslovelysoul

Some Interesting Facts About Candice De Medeiros

  1. INTERVIEWED claims that Candice De Medeiros exposed her affair with Derrick Jaxn through an interview with a preferred vlogger Tasha K. She claimed Jaxn informed her he was separated from his spouse of 4 years.
  2. You can find the Full story of Derrick Jaxn cheating Candice De Medeiros and allegations on Sister2Sister.
  3. There is no pertinent information about Candice De Medeiros’s family and education thus far.
  4. While revealing Candice’s net worth, the details about her actual sum of net worth are yet to come to light, unfortunately.
  5. She is of mixed ethnicity.

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