Meet Erykah Badu Daughter On Instagram

Puma Badu Age: How Old Is She?

Puma Badu Age: How Old Is She?

People are keen to know Puma Badu age after Erykah and Puma shared a living moment in their live performance. Have a look. 

Puma Badu is an American celebrity who rose to stardom being the celebrity daughter of an American singer-songwriter as well as record producer, Erykah Badu. Recently, puma is getting limelight after sharing a moving moment together during their live performance with his lovely mother.

Puma Badu Age Revealed

Puma Badu age is around 16-17 years old as of now.

As a matter of fact, Puma Badu was born as Puma Sabti Curry who has turned 16 as per the report published on July 7, 2020.

However, Puma has never talked about her actual date of birth. Also, we’re unknown when she blows up her birthday candles.

Meet Erykah Badu Daughter On Instagram

We can not find Erykah Badu daughter on Instgram.

However, we can feed her through her mother’s Instagram account. She has posted many TikTok videos and photos of Puma Badu on Instagram.

Puma Badu Family Status

Puma Badu family only includes her mother Erykah Badu.

Furthermore, Puma’s father is The DOC who is also an eminent rapper. Her mother Erykah and The DOC split.

However, Erykan and her ex-lover The DOC are proud parents of 16-year old Puma Badu.

Puma Badu Net Worth: How Much?

Puma Badu net worth is yet to come to light, unfortunately.

Well, there’s a research team that is putting constant effort into figuring out Puma’s actual sum of net worth.

We’re pretty sure being the celebrity daughter of Erykah and also emerging singer, Puma has already amassed a burly sum of money.

Puma Badu Wikipedia

Puma Badu Wikipedia is still out of sight on the Web.

Although Puma’s mother Erykah Badu has already embraced on the official page of Wikipedia, she is yet to get featured on it.

One can easily find Puma Badu’s information through various Web portals.

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