Meet Lee MacMillan Boyfriend On Instagram

Jordan Chiu: Meet Lee MacMillan New Boyfriend On Instagram

Jordan Chiu: Meet Lee MacMillan New Boyfriend On Instagram

Jordan Chiu from Santa Barbara is Lee MacMillan’s boyfriend. Meet him on Instagram. 

Lee MacMillan, who was known for her travel blog, had died on March 26. The influencer met her demise at the young age of 28. Her Instagram account has confirmed that she died of suicide. 

As per her family, she had been battling a tough battle with depression for a long time. However, no one predicted this horrendous outcome. 

Moreover, she was known for her van life. She used to travel places in her van, shooting the best moments. The influencer was very much loved and supported by her fans and followers. 

Let’s get to know about her boyfriend. 

Jordan Chiu Santa Barbara: Who is he?

Jordan Chiu is known for being the boyfriend of Lee MacMillan. He is from Santa Barbara, California. 

According to his social media photos, they were dating for quite a time. They shared pictures of them inside the van and in places all around the US and Canada. 

As for his job, he is a travel blogger. 

Meet Jordan Chiu on Instagram

Jordan Chiu has an impressive fan-following on Instagram. You can follow him here. 

As of now, Chiu has more than 7600 followers on Instagram. He has written a long and emotional post about his girlfriend, Lee MacMillan. He is shattered by the demise of the love of his life. 

However, there’s not much information about his net worth and family at this time. His nationality is American, and the influencer comes from an Asian ethnicity. He is based in California. 

Lee MacMillan Cause of Death

Lee MacMillan died of suicide, as confirmed by her close friends. 

It has come to the light that she had been having depressing thoughts for a long time. And apparently, it took her to take her own life. 

To fight against depression and suicide, Jordan has created a funding website called speakupforlee. 

As for yourself, if you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact professional consultants nearby. 

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