Meet Leigh Griffiths Girlfriend Or Wife On Instagram

Caitlyn Melville – Is Leigh Griffiths Married To His Girlfriend?

Caitlyn Melville – Is Leigh Griffiths Married To His Girlfriend?

Let’s meet the professional football player Leigh Griffith girlfriend Caitlyn Melville. Caitlyn is a dental nurse from Scotland.

Leigh and Caitlyn are together for around three years. Melville is upfront in sharing the moments with her boyfriend on Instagram.

Caitlyn Melville: Is She Leigh Griffiths Girlfriend Or Wife?

Caitlyn Melville is Leigh Griffith’s girlfriend. Many confuse her as his wife but the couple is yet to get married.

Caitlyn Melville is pretty active on her Instagram account. She has currently 9.7K followers on Instagram.

Caitlyn posts pictures of herself and with her boyfriend, Leigh Griffiths. The dental nurse, Caitlyn, and football player, Leigh has been dating for around 3 years.

Leigh Griffiths is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Celtic Football Club and the Scotland national team. He was born on 20 August 1990 and will soon be 31 years old.

The couple spends quite a happy time together and from the photos on Instagram, the couple looks adorable. And they might still be dating as there is no information about their marriage.

Along with that, she also shares skin cancer awareness posts as she is also one of the victims of skin cancer. On May 12, she had made a post about skin cancer awareness month which is the month of May. 

Her post went like this, “MAY is SKIN CANCER awareness month. Don’t normally do posts like this since my operations but it’s weird how I’ve felt I wanted to this year… Read more here.”

What is Caitlyn Melville’s Age?

Caitlyn Melville’s age is currently 28 years old. She was born in the year 1993.

Caitlyn Melville’s Height – How Tall Is She?

The 28 years old Caitlyn Melville’s height has not been revealed. Caitlyn is a little shorter than her boyfriend, Leigh, who is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Caitlyn Melville’s Wikipedia And Net Worth

Caitlyn Melville does not have a Wikipedia page and her net worth is also not made public. 

There is very limited information revealed about Caitlyn’s personal life, background, and family. In recent days, Caitlyn has been working out hard.

She shares the picture of her fit body with chiseled abs on her Instagram. Besides a good part of her life, she has also been a victim of skin cancer which she blames for sunbeds and sitting in a sun without precautions.

She seems fine now after undergoing operations to remove the moles. Follow Caitlyn on Instagram.

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