Meet Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis

My Pregnant Husband TLC: Meet Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis

My Pregnant Husband TLC: Meet Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis

My Pregnant Husband on TLC is a show unlike any other before. This show is just what the world needs to have a look at right now. Hardly do we ever come across TV shows that are inclusive of the LGBTQ community. This is why the advocates of LGBTQ rights have long raised voices for such positive changes.

And, TLC has come to the forefront with this new TV show called My Pregnant Husband. Just by the title, you can guess what the show could be about. It follows the pregnancy stories of transgender people. So, a lot of people have praised this initiative by TLC to shed a light on what goes on in the life of transgender people.

My Pregnant Husband TLC: Meet Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis

From the looks of the show’s trailer, we came to know about the trans couple, Myles Brady Davis and Precious Brady-Davis. And, as they will be seen experiencing their first pregnancy journey together, we will get to see what it is like to be them.

So, a lot of viewers will get to connect to them on a human level after watching them go through almost everything. The series will present the viewers with the couple’s relationships with each other and their visits to the doctor.


Along with that, the series will also touch upon their parenting styles and the stigmas that trans people have to put up with. Hence, this show will educate people on how hard society makes it for trans people to live a normal life. And, maybe it will teach people to be more compassionate towards the LGBTQ community altogether.

Now, before we move on to other details of Myles and Precious, let’s get to know a few basic facts about them. After all, we will be seeing a lot of them on TLC after the show airs.


My Pregnant Husband: Myles and Precious Age

Myles is a trans man and the pregnant husband of Precious. And, his age is currently 37 years old. In the same way, his trans wife, precious is 33 years old. So, with the couple in their 30s, they have finally been blessed to have a child.

Although the couple had made efforts before they just could not become pregnant. So, when Myles became pregnant, it was hard for him to believe it and even bought around 12 tests just to confirm.

Myles and Precious Brady-Davis Family and Daughter 

Having found each other’s soulmates in one another, Myles and Precious have been living as a married couple. And, to complete their family, they have welcomed their baby daughter into this world. And, their adorable daughter has been named Zayn by her parents.


Is The Couple Active on Instagram?

You guys can find Myles and Precious Brady-Davis on Instagram. Both of them seem quite active and they often update their fans about their life. Myles has amassed over 6 thousand followers on his account. Likewise, his wife, Precious has over 13 thousand followers as of now.

Do They Have a Wikipedia Bio?

Myles and Precious don’t have a bio on Wikipedia for now. However, a lot of articles have been written about them. In the same way, a couple of interviews might be of help to get to know them even better.


Nevertheless, they have only come to the spotlight lately due to the show, My Pregnant Husband. But, looking at the public’s response, this show might place them on the list of famous celebrities. So, it may not take long for their Wikipedia bios to be published.

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