Meet Rapper Pablo Hasél Father

Ignacio Rivadulla Wikipedia: Meet Rapper Pablo Hasél Father

Ignacio Rivadulla Wikipedia: Meet Rapper Pablo Hasél Father

Ignacio Rivadulla doesn’t have a Wikipedia under his name until today.

Recently, NBC News reported that his son, Pablo Hasél, was arrested and jailed over a tweet that insulted Spain’s monarchy. In fact, his actions have galvanized a debate, not just in Spain but in many European countries.

Ignacio is considered a prolific businessman who was the owner of a Catalan football side called UE Lleida. Sadly, during his time, the club went bankrupted and got dissolved on May 10, 2011.

Ignacio Rivadulla Edad Explored

Well, there’s nothing to focus on Ignacio Rivadulla’s edad (age) right now. Since his son Pablo is 32 years old, we can claim that he is around his sixties right now.

However, the age range is just a prediction since nothing has been updated about his age on the internet. Just like his son, even Ignacio was prosecuted when UE Lleida went bankrupted. 

Quick Facts:

Name Ignacio Rivadulla
Gender Male
Nationality Spanish
Profession Businessman
Parents Andrés Rivadulla Buira
Married/Single Married
Children Pablo Hasél

Facts On Ignacio Rivadulla

  1. Ignacio Rivadulla is well-known as rapper Pablo Hasél‘s father. The two have separate life altogether as the father is a businessman while the son is a musician. 
  2. Since Ignacio has a son, indeed, he is already married. However, there’s nothing to know about his wife currently.
  3. Currently, we do not know if Rivadulla has any other children apart from Pablo. In fact, we have found out that the rapper’s real name is Pablo Rivadulla Duró
  4. As a businessman, we expect that Ignacio has a massive net worth. But since the club he owned, UE Lleida, got bankrupted, it’s clear that he had not got enough money during the latter stages of his business career. So, his net worth is probably low, not high. 
  5. Well, he is a Catalan. This is enough for us to know that he is of Spanish nationality.
  6. Speaking about his early life, he was born to his father named Andrés Rivadulla Buira, a Francoist military man. 
  7. Moreover, it’s been quite a while that Rivadulla has not shown up on media. There’s no recent news about the businessman. 

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