Meet Sukhjit Athwal And Devon Quest

Sukhjit Athwal And Devon Quest: Meet Kashe Quest Parents

Sukhjit Athwal And Devon Quest: Meet Kashe Quest Parents

Kashe Quest parents Sukhjit Athwal And Devon Quest talk with pride about her baby gifted with an extraordinary talent. What is her ethnicity? Let us know better.

Kashe is a two-year-old kid. She gained popularity after being a member of Mensa International.

Kashe Quest Parents

Kashe Quest’s parents are Sukhjit Athwal and Devon Quest.

In fact, Quest’s parents gave birth to her in 2019. They raised her in Los Angeles, California.

Her parents discovered her talent at her early age. Soon they brought her to the media and Mensa to demonstrate her extraordinary talent. 

Kashe’s parents say she could recognize every color, number, and alphabets with ease. She had astonished her parents doing such things when she was just 17 or 18 months old.

Also, Kashe was able to recognize and say about each state of the US. Furthermore, she could recognize the elements in the periodic table by just looking at their symbols.

Kashe Quest Ethnicity

Kashe Quest’s ethnicity is mixed.

Her mother, Sukhjit, seems to come from Indian heritage. Besides, her father, Devon, is a Black American.

Thus, it may be safe to say Kashe hails from a mixed ethnicity.

Interestingly, Kashe has an IQ of 146 points. She is a member of Mensa. It is the largest IQ society in the world, with around 150 thousand members worldwide.

Not to mention, Quest is the youngest member of Mensa. In fact, her IQ level is above the national average of the United States, which is 100.

Meet Kashe Quest Mother Sukhjit Athwal

Kashe Quest’s mother is Sukhjit Athwal.

To point out, Sukhjit is a teacher with a professional background in education. She runs a preschool named The Modern Schoolhouse. Notably, she teaches 12 kids there that include her daughter Kashe too.

Kashe’s mother Sukhjit says she noticed her daughter’s memory was great. Also, she gave a huge interest in learning and picked up things quicker than others.

Her mother, Sukhjit, operates Kashe’s Instagram account. In fact, she has over 2942 followers in her account @kashequest.

Also, Sukhjit has her own Instagram account as @itsmejit. She regularly posts photos with her daughter.

Meet Her Father Devon Quest

Kashe’s father is Devon Quest.

Actually, he is a UCLA graduate. In fact, he holds an honor degree in Law.

However, there is not much information available about his profession.

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