Meet Terry DiMonte Wife On Instagram

Jessica Dionne DiMonte Age: Meet Terry DiMonte Wife On Instagram

Jessica Dionne DiMonte Age: Meet Terry DiMonte Wife On Instagram

Jessica Dionne DiMonte age is FAQs on the Internet in recent times. She has come to the hype after her husband said a final goodbye to CHOM 97.7. Meet Terry DiMonte Wife On Instagram.

DiMonte is a well-celebrated personality as the spouse of veteran radio host Terry DiMonte. She is the host of Web cat The Concert Goers.

Moreover, Jessica has also worked in radio in Montreal for the past decade. Most interestingly, she is also a sports lover. She is an avid supporter of Manchester United.

Jessica Dionne Age: How Old Is She?

Jessica Dionne DiMonte age seems to be in her late 30s.

Going through her pictures on the internet, we’ve speculated her of that age. 

Not standing with, Jessica has never spoken about her actual date of birth in the public domain. Also, her zodiac sign is a question mark so far now.

Everything On Terry DiMonte Wife

Jessica Dionne DiMonte is Terry DiMonte’s wife.

Not only that, Jessica Dionne proudly to Terry DiMonte’s surname as Jessica Dionne DiMonte. Now, she seems better with DiMonte on it as they are a perfectly married couple.

Although Jessica seems very less outspoken towards her personal life, her beloved husband Terry DiMonte shared a tweet on his Twitter regarding their marriage.

Jessica decided to get spliced to a veteran radio personality back in the year 2017.

The pair decided to share their memories in a Covid-19 global pandemic time. They were also isolated in British Columbia.

However, the Montreal radio host Terry Dimonte hung up his headphones and microphone after 43 years of journey.

Meet Her On Instagram

Terry DiMonte wife Jessica Dionne DiMonte Instagram is not available.

In fact, she might not be available on Instagram as there is no account under her name.

On the other hand, we can find her on Twitter bio.

She has 762 followers and 672 followings thus far.

She joined Twitter in February 2012.

Apart from her work, she spends her spare time traveling the world following Paul McCartney on tour.

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