Meet The Cast Ky Furneaux And Her Partner Calem O’Grady

Outback Lockdown: Meet The Cast Ky Furneaux And Her Partner Calem O’Grady

Outback Lockdown: Meet The Cast Ky Furneaux And Her Partner Calem O’Grady

The contestant will be going in lockdown in a remote outback of Australia in the 2020 lockdown. The New Discovery series stars the fiercest of survivalists in this epic show. 

Discovery has made many shows that involved surviving in extremely difficult places, at the worst of circumstances. And it has included the world’s greatest survivalist in the show. These survivalists are very popular for what they do. 

It is not an easy job being a survivalist. One has to encounter the hardest of circumstances, during the hardest of times. It really needs strong courage to be a survivalist and we are going to know about one of the greatest survivalists of all time. 

The Discovery Channel is back again with something so relatable yet so bizarre. The latest show to air on the channel is “Outback Lockdown.” Here are all things you need to know about the show including the cast and survival spot. 

Outback Lockdown: Show Premiere and Cast

Outback Lockdown is the new show to be premiered on Discovery Channel. This nonfiction show involves the survivalist to cope up in the deadliest places in the Outback of Australia. They will be spending their lockdown in the dangerous outback of Australia. 

As for the show details, it is going to premiere on Discovery Channel on July 19 at 10 PM ET/BT. Likewise, it stars Ky Furneaux and Calem O’Grady. 

Who are Ky Furneaux and Calem O’Grady from Outback Lockdown?

Ky Furneaux is not a stranger on the Discovery channel. She has been featured in more than 50 films and shows already. Her most appraised appearance was in the Discovery’s epic show, “Naked And Afraid.” 

The TV host, survival expert, and stuntwoman has a well dedicated Wikipedia biography that describes about her fierceness. She deserves it nevertheless. 

There is a saying that “Ky Furneaux can survive anywhere.” She has been named as one of the deadliest of survivors in history. She undoubtedly is the best woman survivor on the planet. 

The 46-year-old Australian stunt person is known by every other Discovery watcher. She is a real fighter. She came back even after her spine accident and showed the world what can be achieved. What a strong personality to have. 

On the other hand, Calem O’Grady is probably a new name for the Discovery fans. Spoilers ahead, he is the partner of Ky. The two of them meet about a year ago and fell in love with each other. 

Calem is a British chef who has no experience in being a survivalist in such extreme places. However, he has always been a thrill-seeker He always loved challenges and this could probably turn out into the toughest challenge he has ever taken. 

When the pandemic of coronavirus broke out, the couple went in a lockdown. But they didn’t choose to go inside their homes. They went straight to 38,000 acres of desert in Australia. They are currently surviving there off-grid. 

The couple is facing difficult challenges. They have to collect forage or do the hunting for food. They have to cross dangerous paths with the fear of dangerous wild animals passing by them all the time. Can they survive in such brutal conditions? 

It is a love story, it really is. But it is the deadliest love story you have ever seen. You get to choose a romantic place and you choose the middle of the desert far from any civilization. That is a toxic romance. 

Nonetheless, If you want to be a part of their adventure, tune in. Their episode will be premiering on July 19 on the Discovery Channel. The channel can be watched in 255 different countries. 



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