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Who is Jimmy Nicholson? Meet New Bachelor Australia 2021 On Instagram

Who is Jimmy Nicholson? Meet New Bachelor Australia 2021 On Instagram

Jimmy Nicholson Bachelor: The Bachelor Australia announced Jimmy Nelson as the new bachelor for 2021. Nicholson is an airline pilot and has New Zealand and Fijian Heritage.

Channel 10’s show has not seen the culturally diverse lead on the program since Blake Garvey, the first black male lead in 2014. After being announced as the new bachelor on March 3, 2021, the model com pilot has created a buzz on the internet.

Jimmy Nicholson: Age And Height Revealed

Jimmy Nicholson age is 31 years old. He is one of the few models on Channel 10’s show “The Bachelor Australia” to have a proper job. He is a commercial pilot and flies A320S for a living.

Jimmy Nicholson stands at a relatively tall height matching his personality. Going through his photos, it is evident that he is pretty tall and is in good shape. His good looks and ripped body makes him a perfect lead for The Bachelor Australia.

What Is His Job? Meet The Model On Instagram

Jimmy Nicholson is an airline pilot by the job. He loves his job and regards his career as an important aspect of his life. 

Jimmy Nicholson goes by the user name James Nicholson on his Instagram page @jimmynicholson. His Instagram page is currently set to private.

His Instagram pictures are, however, shared by vogue recently, which includes pictures of him on the pilot uniform, hiking, with animals, with a kid (of course not of his own). The model is the lead of The Bachelor Australia this year and is searching for a girl with whom he could spend the rest of his life. He believes finding love in life is as important as his piloting career.

Where Is He From? His Ethnicity

Jimmy is of Newzealand and Fijian descent regarding his ethnicity. He is from Sydney, a city in Australia.

His casting has brought back the most awaited element of cultural diversity to the audience. There were other contestants of cultural diversity on the show previously, but the culturally diverse lead was cast 7 years ago.

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