Meet Tia Wood On Tiktok As Tiamiscihk

Get To Know Tiamiscihk From TikTok – Who Is Tia Wood?

Get To Know Tiamiscihk From TikTok – Who Is Tia Wood?

Tia Wood, aka Tiamiscihk on Tiktok, is viral for advocating indigenous lifestyle. Continue reading to know her better.

Wood is a web star from Canada. She is known for sharing indigenous life and history on her social media.

Meet Tia Wood On Tiktok As Tiamiscihk

Tia Wood is a famous Tiktoker. Wood is widely known as Tiamiscihk on the video-sharing platform.

Wood has earned over 2.2 million followers on the Chinese social media site. Her first post dates back to March 11, 2020.

Actually, Tia commenced her journey on the site, uploading a video of herself singing. But it has been a month since she last made an upload there.

As a matter of fact, Tia mostly creates content about the lifestyle of indigenous people from North America. You can see most of her videos have the hashtag “indigenous.”

It seems Wood aims to mix her political views with her experience in the community. Every while, she engages in activism, raising her voice for the rights of the community.

After all, Tia, aka Tiamiscihk, has many viral videos on the platform. Her videos have amassed a total of 44 million hearts so far.


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♬ original sound – leah

Tia Wood aka Tiamiscihk Age Revealed – How Old Is She?

Tia Wood has reached the age of 22 years old. Actually, she turned 22 on the 7th of July this year.

Wood lives in Los Angeles, California, as of now. But she was born and raised in Canada.

On the other hand, Tia possesses the star sign of Cancer. She is one of the most known internet stars at an early stage of her life.

Tia has not shared much about her academic background yet. Also, her childhood details are also missing from the internet.

Similarly, Wood has not revealed her parents yet. Thus, her family background is still a mystery.

Discover Tia Wood aka Tiamiscihk Height – How Tall?

Tia Wood has a height of around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. The measurement is a guess based on her appearance in her pictures.

Wood’s exact body measurements are lacking from the internet as of today. She has got a slim build.

No doubt, Tia looks adorable with back eyes and hair.

Likewise, Wood is yet to have her Wiki on a Wikipedia page. 

Find Tia Wood aka Tiamiscihk on Instagram

Tia Wood uses Instagram through her account @Tiamiscihk. She is an active user over here.

Interestingly, the young star boasts over 347k followers on her Insta account. 

Tia does not have a boyfriend, as it seems right now. Wood has not mentioned her partner anywhere on her social media.

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