Meet Who Killed Sara Actor On Instagram

Andres Baida: Meet Who Killed Sara Actor On Instagram

Andres Baida: Meet Who Killed Sara Actor On Instagram

The actor Andres Baida is on Wikipedia and has appeared in the TV series Who Killed Sara. Stay with the article to find out more.

Andres Baida is a Mexican actor who gained popularity after appearing in the TV show, Like, the legend as Pepe Toledo in 2018. Andres participated in many plays while studying.

According to his IMDb page, Baida has 5 acting credits, including Control Z (2020), Los elegidos (2019), and Como dice el dilcho (2018).

Andres Baida Wikipedia: Meet Who Killed Sara Actor

According to his Wikipedia page, Andres Baida went to the Center of Artistic Education of Televisa.

One can read about Baida’s biografia and career details on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Baida appears in nine out of ten episodes of Who Killed Sara. He is playing the character of Rodolfo Joven in the series. The story of Who killed Sara is about Alex being framed for his sister’s death and him finding out who is the actual killer.

Who Killed Sara premiered on Netflix worldwide on March 24, 2021. The cast includes popular stars such as Carolina Miranda, Ximena Lamadrid, Claudia Ramirez, Marco Zapata, Eugenio Siller, Manolo Cardona, Leo Deluglio, and many more.

Baida’s Age Revealed

Andres Baida’s age is 26 years.

Andres was born on February 28, 1995, in Mexico, and his nationality is Mexican.

Baida’s ethnicity is Latino.

Andres Baida’s seems to be around 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Is Andres Baida On Instagram?

Andres Baida is active on Instagram under the username andresbaida.

Baida is very popular on Instagram, with 427k followers and 102 posts on his Instagram account. His Instagram bio says he is an expert avocado taster.

Baida frequently shares pictures of his family, parents, and friends on Instagram.

Andres uploads many pictures of his travels and behind-the-scenes photos from the sets of movies and TV shows he is working on. Baida’s latest post on Instagram is related to Who Killed Sara.

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