Mel Jarnson Age Wikipedia, Boyfriend And Instagram: Mortal Kombat

Mel Jarnson: Meet The Mortal Kombat Actress On Instagram

Mel Jarnson: Meet The Mortal Kombat Actress On Instagram

Mel Jarnson age is a topic of serious interest for her fans as she has appeared in Mortal Kombat this year. Let’s find out more about her.

Melanie Jarnson popularly known as Mel Jarnson is an actress of Australian nationality. Recently, she was featured for the role of Nitara in the 2021 action movie, Mortal Kombat.

Mel Jarnson Age: How old is she?

Jarnson’s age is 23 years.

Mel was born on the 1st of February, 1998 in Sydney. In fact, her birth sign is Aquarius. 

Mel completed her university education at the University of New South Wales. Besides, she learned acting at the Academy of Film, Theatre, and Television.

Is Mel Jarnson on Wikipedia? 

Mel Jarnson’s Wikipedia page is not available as of now.

Mel Jarnson appears in Mortal Kombat playing the role of Nitara. The details of her character can be learned from the Wikipedia page on Mortal Kombat characters.

Besides, she has also been cast in the movies like Harrow (2018) and Between Two Worlds (2020). 

Mel is 5 feet and 5 inches or 1.66 meters tall. With dark brown hair and green eyes, she has a pretty attractive body.

Mel Jarnson Boyfriend

Jarnson’s boyfriend is Ezekiel Simat. 

Jarson and Simat have been in a relationship for just over two years. Simat, also known as Zeke, is an Australian actor. He has featured in a number of movies including Lambs of God (2019), 2:22 (2017), and others.

Mel is pretty much open about her boyfriend. Moreover, she shares many photos on her Instagram of both having a good time together. Some sources indicate they are planning to marry soon.

Is Mel Jarnson on Instagram?

Mel Jarnson is on Instagram as @meljarnson.

Jarnson has been on the platform for a long time since 2012. She has gathered over 18.4 thousand followers and has over 291 posts.

Mel is highly active on Instagram. Her posts mostly include her photoshoots and glamour.


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