Melanie Stansbury Husband Age And Wikipedia: New Mexico Election

Melanie Stansbury Wins New Mexico Election: Everything To Know About Her

Melanie Stansbury Wins New Mexico Election: Everything To Know About Her

Melanie Stansbury just won the New Mexico election and her husband is a matter of interest. Read the full article below to find out all the details about the politician.

Melanie Ann Stansbury is an American politician who has been the New Mexico State Representative from the 28th district since 2019.

She is also the U.S representative-elect for New Mexico’s first congressional district, after winning a 2021 special election. In a questionnaire created by the Adelante Progressive Caucus, Stansbury pledged support for Medicare for all legislation, a federal assault weapons ban, and others. 

Melanie Stansbury: How Old Is She?

The full name of Melanie Stansbury is Melanie Ann Stansbury.

She was born on January 31, 1979. Her birthplace is Farmington, New Mexico America.

She is 42 years old now but she has achieved a lot in her political career at such a young age. She has become one of the promising leaders in the political scenario of America.

She belongs to the Democratic party. she completed her education at Saint Marys’s College Of California.

Melanie Stansbury Wikipedia

Melanie Stansbury as she is one of the pioneer political personalities she has already been featured on the official page of Wikipedia.

She has her Wikipedia page with her name and the page has a lot of information about her political carer and journey through life.

Her Wikipedia page gives insight into her early as well as post-fame life. Her whole electoral history can be seen on the page.

Melanie Stansbury Husband and Net Worth

Any information about her husband is not available on the internet. She has been always motivated towards society and in her cleaning campaigns.

She is not married till now as she has a better role to perform other than being someone’s wife. She has been active on many cleaning campaigns and supporting society because of which she won with a huge margin against Mandy Moores.

She lives in Albuquerque.

Her estimated net worth hasn’t been verified by any of the sources. We will post it as soon as we get the information.

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