Melissa Braiser, Garrett Magee, And James DeSantis

Backyard Envy Cast: Melissa Braiser, Garrett Magee, And James DeSantis

Backyard Envy Cast: Melissa Braiser, Garrett Magee, And James DeSantis

Backyard Envy is a Bravo TV show that consists of 3 people that are immensely experienced in landscaping and exterior design. They are employees of Mancsaping, one of the biggest exterior design firms in New York. 

James DeSantis, Garrett Magee, and Melissa Brasier will be the central cast of the show and they will be transforming outdoor spaces into venues and lush made gardens. 

Backyard Envy Cast: Melissa Brasier, Garrett Magee, and James DeSantis

The second season will premiere on August 4, 2020. The first episode of the show came out on 17th January 2019. The show can be watched on its home network, Bravo TV. 

Melissa Brasier Age, Wiki, Bio

Melissa Brasier came to New York from Los Vegas, she was born and raised in the city of lights but she has not yet revealed her exact birthday. We can guess that she is in her late 30’s as of July 2020. 

Originally, she studied dance and wanted to become a performer in modern contemporary dance. 

After a bit of reflection, she changed her career path and started studying Interior Design at the internationally recognized Fashion Institute of Technology.  

After graduating from university, she became a hit with exclusive clientele. She gave 10 years of her life to working and co-found Manscapers along with two close friends, James DeSantis and Garrett Magee. 


In 2020, she resides in Brooklyn far away from her home in Las Vegas. 


Her net worth in July 2020 is around $500,000. 

Garrett Magee: Age, Bio, Boyfriend Bio

He is a Texan and grew up in Tennessee. There is no information about his age but Magee’s age may be from 35-45 years old in 2020.

He is also an arts graduate, in fact, he studied graphic design and fine arts at the Art Institute of Chicago. 

Like Melissa, he started work as a designer for rich clients, as a matter of fact, he was a corporate designer for many years before he got frustrated by sitting in front of a computer. 

He worked a job and went to study interior design at New York Botanical Gardens for a while. There, he found out that he had a green thumb and could work incredibly with greenery. 


In fact, many started calling him a “plant whisperer”. After a while at, NY Botanical Gardens, he co-founded and started his own landscaping and interior design firm with his 2 friends. 


After a while due to their unique skills in designing and landscaping, Manscapers became a huge firm and deals with many high-end clients.

He got engaged to Andrew Walko, his longtime boyfriend. 


According to People, the pair got engaged in August 2019 and had plans to marry in fall 2020. Magee was the one who proposed during sunset on New York Fire Island’s beach.


The location was the first time they went to a pride parade and started their relationship. 


He lives with his boyfriend in New York close to the office of the Manscapers. He travels often with his partner and posts his adventures on social media.


Garrett Magee’s net worth is approximately $650,000 as of 2020. 

James DeSantis: Age, Wiki, Net Worth

DeSantis is perhaps the most experienced one of the three Manscapers as he has worked on TV since 2013. 



A New York Times article reports that he is 31 years old as of 2020. 


Unlike his other two partners, he is a New York state native and has a lot of experience working in the big apple. He always had a lot of ambition and moved to New York To Pursue them. 


He co-founded Manscapers and usually looks after the interior of the places they work on. Furnishing and interior decorating is an area of expertise for the star. 


His Net worth is $291,449 as per data from Dec. 31, 2019. 

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