Melissa Lucio Daughter Wikipedia And Age: Is She Still Alive?

Who Is Melissa Lucio? What Happened To Her? Everything To Know

Who Is Melissa Lucio? What Happened To Her? Everything To Know

Who is Melissa Lucio and why is she on a death trial? Let us explore all about the galvanizing event.

Melissa Lucio is a Hispanic American woman who has been serving a death trial for more than a decade now for murdering her daughter. In fact she the first Hispanic woman to be serving the death penalty.

The thrilling case of Melissa had not received much media attention until a documentary called The State of Texas Vs Melissa got released. As of now, many people are aware of the case, and views on her death penalty are divided.

Some claim that she deserves to die whereas some claim that she deserves a good defense lawyer to prove herself innocent.

Is Melissa Lucio Alive?

Yes, Melissa Lucio is still alive in 2021.

Despite the fact that she has been jailed for a long time, her execution has been postponed until now due to her lawsuits.

Her supporters, on the other hand, are hoping that her death penalty will be overturned one day. They are even singing petitions for her release.

If Melissa is innocent then we too pray for her death trial to end.

Melissa Lucio Daughter Mariah

So, Melissa is convicted of torturing and murdering her 2 years old daughter named Mariah.

As per the source,  after the death of her daughter in 2008, she was found guilty and was sentenced to death.

Furthermore, it is also said that the mother did not kill her child and that her death was caused by her falling from the stairs.

Lucio Wikipedia Details

Melissa Elizabeth Lucio is a Hispanic woman who was born and raised in Rio Grande Valley.

She is the mother of 14 children.

Currently, she has been serving as the first Hispanic woman on death row in the State of Texas.

Melissa Age: How Old?

Melissa’s age is 53 years in 2021.

As per the source, she was born on 18 July 18, 1968.

Furthermore, the inmate stands 5 feet and 2 inches tall.


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