Mert Ney Family Video, Age And Wikipedia: Sydney Stabbing Suspect

Who Is Mert Ney? Everything On His Parents And Family

Who Is Mert Ney? Everything On His Parents And Family

Who Is Mert Nay? People want to know all about him as a new video has surfaced. Let’s get to know about his parents and family now.

Mert Nay was just a normal Australian boy and as his neighbors said, he was always a quiet kid who did not bother too much about other people. However, he was a messed-up kid inside.

His parents and family were also unknown to the general public but have now been thwarted to immense public interest following Mert’s murdering of a woman.

Mert Nay Family: Video Released

Any videos of Mert nay’s family members are not available on the internet. We tried finding his accounts on social media sites but ultimately had no luck.

There are some gruesome videos of Mert standing next to his victims that were broadcasted via news.

We do not know the names of his parents but have gathered info that they are of Turkish descent. Regarding his family details, he has two siblings and that is all we know.

Mert had stabbed a woman named Michaela Dunn and was arrested shortly afterward. He had killed the woman and then stood next to the corpse which is a really disturbing thing to do.

May Nert Age and Wikipedia

May Nert is 20 years old according to some of the news that has been broadcasted. He appears very young as well.

Nobody has bothered to make a Wikipedia page of him and it looks like only the news channels and online sites are going to publish some of his life details.

He grew up in Marayoung and repeatedly had some mental health issues.

His friend claimed that Nert had converted to Islam and as a reason, there are some allegations that he was a terrorist as well.

What We Know About Michaela Dunn

Michaela Dunn was a sex worker who was 24 years old. He booked a $250 appointment for a “girlfriend experience” with Dunn but reached her apartment with a  knife and $2 in cash.

Michaela was repeatedly stabbed and police later found her with 20 to 30 wounds on the neck.

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