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Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson

Michael Dobson is a famous English-Canadian actor, voice actor, and director.  He is very famous for his voice in the movies, web series, and anime series. He belongs to a famous celebrity family whose most of the family members are in the movie industry. He is mostly known for his acting and voice in the movies such as Tarzan and Jane, Max Steel, and Transformers.

Michael Dobson started his film career in 1992 as he is a very famous and renowned name in the industry. He started his career with the role of Black Knight in the movie The Adventures of T-Rex and since then he has grown immensely in his career.

Name Michael Dobson
Birthday August 12, 1966
Age 54
Gender Male
Height 6 ft
Nationality English-Canadian
Profession Actor
Siblings Paul Dobson, Brian Dobson
Married/Single Married
Wife Krista LeGresley
Children Keiffer Dobson, Kyra Dobson, Kalven Dobson, and Kevin Dobson
Instagram @michael_richard_dobson
Twitter @michaeldobson07

10 Facts on Michael Dobson:

  1. Michael Dobson was born in London, England, the United Kingdom on August 12, 1966,
  2. Michael’s exact age as of 2020 is exactly 54 years old yet is a talented lad.
  3. His height is more 6 feet tall which is about 185cm tall.
  4. Michael Dobson is married to his wife Krista LeGresley who is also a famous actress but no so famous and her husband Dobson is.
  5. Speaking about his family he belongs to the industry as both his brothers are an actor and a voice actor whose name is a prominent one in the industry.
  6. Michael and his wife Krista have 4 children together and their names are Keiffer Dobson, Kyra Dobson, Kalven Dobson, and Kevin Dobson.
  7. Talking about his profession Michael Dobson is an actor who has been part of more than 50 movies and animated series.
  8. His net worth as of 2020 is worth millions however he hasn’t spoken much about his net worth and his personal matter.
  9. He has even given his voice in Video games such as Need for Speed, Kessen, and Hulk.
  10. He has his own Instagram account @michael_richard_dobson where he has more than 971 followers.

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