Michael Kai Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Job: Dana Stephensen Ex Husband

Michael Kai

Michael Kai

Michael Kai is a Melbourne based commercial photographer who also happened to be the ex-husband of famous Australian ballet dancer Dana Stephensen. At a very young age, Michael Kai found the passion of his life which is photography. Photography is something that Michael cannot leave without and he is very obsessed with the camera and lenses.

Name Michael Kai
Age around 45 years
Gender Male
Height 5 feet and 7 inches approx.
Nationality Australian
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Photographer
Net Worth Under Review
Divorce Dana Stephensen
Instagram michaelkaiphoto

Michael Kai is also active on Instagram with the account name michaelkaiphotos where he is constantly sharing his appealing photos. You will be amazed by his photography skills and it’s worth taking a deep look. To share his expertise and his biography, Michael Kai established a site name michaelkai.net.

10 Facts on Michael Kai 

  1. Michael Kai is a professional photographer who has been listed as the top photographer from Melbourne, Australia.
  2. The birthplace of the photographer Michael Kai is found to be in a town near Berlin, Germany. Photography became the full-time job of Michael Kai.
  3. For the betterment of his photography career, Michael Kai moved to Melbourne and that took a major change in his career.
  4. Before getting fame and success, Michael Kai worked in producing a documentary in post wor Kosovo and learned major camera skills.
  5. Taking a closer look at Michael’s photo, we get the idea that he has good knowledge of lights, color, and composition. Michael’s photos seem to be visually appealing.
  6. Michael Kai is well renowned and has a company in his own name and he is the owner of Michael Kai photography since 2006.
  7. In the year 2005, Michael Kai got enrolled at RMIT University to pursue the degree of his passion and just after a year, he got graduated.
  8. To pursue a master’s in communication design, Michael Kai got enrolled in Fachhochschule Dortmund in the year 2000.
  9. Michael Kai seems to be at the age of 45, as he was graduated 20 years ago. The facts regarding the net worth of Michael Kai is still missing.
  10. Dana Stephensen is the ex-wife of Michael Kai and she happens to be the ballet dancer and is from Brisbane, Australia.

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