Michael Madigan Wife Age, Family and Net Worth

Shirley Madigan: Meet Michael Madigan Wife And Family

Shirley Madigan: Meet Michael Madigan Wife And Family

Michael Madigan’s wife Shirley Madigan’s age seems to be around 60 years old.

Shirley Madigan is best known for being the wife of Micheal Madigan, an American politician, the speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. Shirley also committed as the Chairman of the Illinois Arts Council.

Shirley is committed as a trustee at the Loyola University of Chicago and works as Director at After School Matters presently. Shirley Madigan graduated with a Master’s degree from Loyola University. 

Michael Madigan’s Wife And Married Life

Michael Madigan is happily married to his wife, Shirley Madigan.

Shirley married Micheal in 1976. Although Shirley is happy with his husband, he isn’t her first marriage. Previously Shirley was married to a criminal attorney, Joel Murray. Shirley divorced her first husband when her daughter was ten years old and remarried Micheal Madigan.

Shirley’s new husband, Micheal, who was born on April 19, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, is an American politician who acts as a speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. Micheal is committed to Illinois House since 1971. 

Recently, we hear the news that Micheal Michigan has resigned from the Illinois House.

Shirley Madigan Family And Children Details

Unfortunately, Shirley hasn’t disclosed much about her family details and parents’ name.

Although we know the fact that she was born in the United States, talking about her children, Shirley has a daughter named Lisa Murray from her first marriage. Shirley and Micheal are blessed with three children named Andrew Madigan, Tiffany Madigan, and Nicole Madigan.

Lisa Murray’s daughter from her first marriage changed her name when she was 18 years old. Lisa is officially adopted by Micheal in her 20s. Moreover, Lisa Madigan served as the Attorney General of Illinois from 2003 to 2019.

Shirley Madigan Net Worth And Wikipedia

As per our source, Micheal Madigan’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million, which can be accounted for Shirley as well.

Unfortunately, Shirley’s information is not documented on Wikipedia yet. However, her husband Micheal is available on Wikipedia

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