Michelle Kramer Weinberger Mark Weinberger Wife Age Wikipedia: Where Is She Today?

Michelle Kramer Weinberger Age Wikipedia: Details To Know

Michelle Kramer Weinberger Age Wikipedia: Details To Know

Michelle Kramer Weinberger was Mark Weinberger’s wife. She was left in shock after her husband vanished during a vacation.

The new episode of NBC’s dateline features the story of Mark Weinberger. Mark is the infamous surgeon who was charged with multiple cases of malpractice. Furthermore, all of the events left wife Michelle Kramer Weinberger in vain.

Meet Michelle Kramer Weinberger: Mark Weinberger Wife

Michelle Kramer Weinberger is the former wife of Mark Weinberger.

On September 24, 2004, Michelle was left in horror when her husband Mark disappeared during a vacation. The couple had visited Greece to celebrate Kramer’s 30th birthday. However, it was later revealed as it was Mark’s strategic plan to run away from his crimes.

Mark was allegedly a successful surgeon in Indiana. When Michelle return back to America, she found the opposite. As a fact, his patient had filed nearly 330 medical malpractice lawsuits against her spouse. Likewise, his clinic was $6 million USD in debt. 

In 2009, the search for Mark Weinberger finally ended. The court charged him with 22 counts of fraud and seven years in prison. On the other hand, Michelle continued to live her life after filing for bankcrupty. 

Details on Her Wikipedia

Michelle Kramer Weinberger’s Wikipedia is absent for now.

Michelle was raised in Chicago’s south side, USA. Her father was an Irish-german immigrant, working 3 jobs in America. Therefore, Karmer always saw the American dream and vowed to become a doctor since her childhood.

When Kramer met Mark, she was attracted by his profession immediately. Likewise, a counselor by job, Michelle was working at a hospital at that time. Likewise, the couple got married soon after that. 

Michelle Kramer Age: Where Is She Today?

Michelle Kramer Weinberger’s age is 46 years old.

Though her life turned upside down, Kramer did not lose her hope. She completed her medical studies with the help of student loans. Besides, she even worked two jobs at a neuropsychologist clinic and nightclub to make her living.

Now, Michelle is employed as a general psychology practice in Baltimore. However, she has been really quiet about her personal life. Nevertheless, she is ready to tell her story in the new episode of Dateline. 

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