Miguel Cuunjieng Yam Concepcion Engaged

Miguel Cuunjieng And Yam Concepcion Are Engaged – What Does Miguel Do For A Living?

Miguel Cuunjieng And Yam Concepcion Are Engaged – What Does Miguel Do For A Living?

Miguel Cuunjieng and Yam Concepcion have addressed the rumor about their engagement. Read this article to learn more about his Job and Net Worth. 

Miguel is the long-time and long-distance boyfriend of actress Yam Concepcion. 

Yam Concepcion is a popular actress best known for her ABS-CBN drama series “Halik” and “Love thy Woman.”

Are Miguel Cuunjieng and Yam Concepcion Engaged?

Yes, Miguel Cuunjieng and Yam Concepcion are engaged. 

She confessed that she had been long engaged to her boyfriend. 

The 33-year-old actress shared photos from their engagement on December 31, 2018, during a trip to Niseko, Japan, via Instagram. 

Further, Yam and Miguel have been together for six years.

The couple was also living in a long-distance relationship, as Miguel lives abroad. 

Miguel Cuunjieng Age

Miguel Cuunjieng’s age is unknown.

Comparing his age with Yam, they might be in a similar age group. 

Looking at his physical appearance Miguel falls at the age range of 30-38 years old. 

What Is His Job? 

Miguel Cuunjieng is a business consultant based in the United States who also advocates environmental issues.

He is also an environmentalist. 

Currently, Miguel works at Wells Frago, a financial services company.

Is He On Wikipedia? 

No, Miguel is not on Wikipedia. 

Moreover, he is found on LinkedIn. 

He is based in San Francisco. 

Miguel has not shared information on his parents and family.

It seems like he wants to keep them away from getting media attention. 

Miguel Cuunjieng Net Worth

Miguel’s net worth has not been disclosed. 

He is a well-established advocate, which explains that Miguel is living a luxurious and fortunate lifestyle. 

Likewise, his fiancé’s net worth is estimated to be $200 Thousand to $2 Million.

Meet Him on Instagram 

He is found using an Instagram account under the name @mrcuu. 

Miguel is very famous on Instagram and has successfully achieved 40.6k followers. 

Further, the environmentalist account is private, and only his followers get to view his stories and posts. 

Similarly, Cuunjieng likes Fishing and Fly Tying which can be seen on his IG bio. 

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