Mike Lange Illness & Health

What Happened To Mike Lange? Broadcaster Is Retiring Following Health Issues

What Happened To Mike Lange? Broadcaster Is Retiring Following Health Issues

Mike Lange health has not been so well following his illness. Now, he has announced retirement as the NHL broadcaster. 

The long-running “Lange-isms” has finally come to an end. On August 9, 2021, Lange announced that he would no longer be working for the Penguins.  

He had over 4 decades of career in the Pittsburgh Penguin.

Mike Lange Illness & Health – Why Is He Retiring?

Mike Lange recently got fully vaccinated against COVID-19 illness. 

Mike Lange is a 73 years old age former broadcaster for Pittsburgh Penguins. He missed most of his last season due to the pandemic. 

In addition, Mike Lange also underwent a health procedure unrelated to coronavirus. 

The sportscaster had returned back to the game on April 2021. But, Lange recently announced his retirement just a few months after his comeback.

The Pittsburgh Penguins also paid tribute to the legend via their Twitter handle. They posted a video with the caption, “Hall-of-Fame career and 46 years of broadcasting Pittsburgh Penguins hockey, Mike Lange will be retiring from his play-by-play duties.”.

However, there is no particular answer on why Mike Lange is retiring.

He has been working for more than half of his life now. Maybe, he finally wants to live the rest of focusing on his health. 

Nevertheless, Mike is planning to make limited appearances on the Penguins Radio Network. 

Meet Mike Lange Wife

Mike Lange has not disclosed his wife details yet.

But Lange is undoubtedly a family man. When Mike Lange’s replacement, Gunnar Getzoff’s wife Maddie gave birth, he even stepped in to end his professional hiatus.

Even though Mike had suffered some complications following his medical procedure, he returned back to fill back his shoes. Apparently, he developed some problems in his leg.

However, details on Lange’s own family is very scarce. He lives a very private life. 

How Much Does Mike Lange own in Net Worth?

Mike Lange salary yielded him a decent net worth, which is still under review.

He joined the Penguins in 1974. However, Lange quit the role just after a year due to the risk of bankruptcy. However, he came back to the team in the 1976–77 season and rose to a new career height.

It is estimated that sports broadcasters make up to $75,754 per year. Therefore, Mike cannot be earning any less than that.

When Mike Lagne was gone last season, Gunnar Getzoff replaced his position. However, the permanent candidate for his role is still not disclosed.

Besides, no one will be able to replace Lange’s legacy completely. He has set such a benchmark for the Penguins. 

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